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‘Late bouncer Believe did not commit suicide!’

By Bongani Ndlovu

Popular Bulawayo bouncer, Believe Nyakambau who died on Tuesday night, has been described as a humble man with most saying his life was cut short.

Believe Nyakambau
Believe Nyakambau

Believe, 28, died at Mpilo Central Hospital.

Popularly known as Bobo, Believe who was also a gym freak, was a favourite of many fun lovers, especially women, as he was always nice to them at various nightspot entrances.

Most security personnel always put on a serious face, but this was never the case with Believe as he rarely resorted to pushing and shoving of people like what most bouncers are synonymous for.

He worked under Bulawayo Scorpions (security company) where he provided security at notable gigs in Bulawayo, Kadoma, Victoria Falls, Gweru and Harare.

He also provided close security for the likes of Jah Prayzah. The gigs were mostly promoted by 2 Kings Entertainment, DTL Events and 3D Events.

On weekends when there were no shows, he would be a bouncer at local nightspots around Bulawayo.

It is reported that Believe was stabbed on November 8 after being attacked by a group of men in Nkulumane in the evening. According to his father, Archford, he was stabbed after his security instincts kicked in when he witnessed some men beating up a woman.

“From accounts we got from Believe’s friend who was with him, he asked his would-be assailants why they were beating up the lady. This didn’t go down well with one of them as he threw alcohol at him while he was seated in his car.

“Believe is said to have gotten out of the vehicle to confront them and the men started attacking him with knives. He was stabbed all over the body,” said his father.

“The assailants drove off in their car and his friend drove him to the police station to report the case. The police then recommended that Believe be taken to the hospital where he was treated and discharged.”

It is not known yet whether his death on Tuesday was as a result of injuries sustained from the attack.

Believe’s father said his son seemed to be okay as he was going about his daily business as usual while taking his medication. A lot of fun lovers also saw him on Saturday at various nightspots.

But come Tuesday this week, according to Believe’s father, he developed problems in the morning as he was found sleeping on the floor in his bedroom, unable to do anything.

“After he was discharged last week, he seemed okay as he was moving around freely, going about his business as usual. Then on Tuesday, his mother told me that she found him on the ground, unable to speak or even drink water.

We then took him to Mpilo where he died upon admission,” said Nyakambau.

Following his death, rumours started doing rounds with some saying Believe committed suicide. His father said this was not true.

“Believe didn’t commit suicide and I don’t know where people are getting this from. They can talk, but this is completely untrue. They should hear this from his parents,” said Nyakambau.

Believe’s friends and colleagues in the entertainment industry said they were shocked and devastated by the news of his death.

John Viper, chairman of the Bulawayo Scorpions, a local bodyguard and security consortium said they had lost a valuable member in Believe.

“Believe was a valuable member of the Scorpions as he was always humble and up for any task or job that we would come up with. I’m personally crushed that he has died at such a young age,” said Viper.

One of his gym mates at Dynamics, Temba Dube said Believe was a team player as he always assisted people during body building sessions.

“He was helpful and one of those guys who was obsessed with perfect form. He liked to give people advice in the gym, such that when he sees you training using a wrong technique, he would come over laughing and say ‘with that kind of technique, by the end of this year, you won’t be lifting weights’.

“Then he would demonstrate the right way,” said Dube.

DJ Obama who worked with Believe at various nightspots run by Devine Entertainment said: “I’m very shocked. The year 2020 has been really devastating. Thousands of lives have been lost and it’s not stopping. I urge everyone out there to go on their knees and pray hard. The world needs prayers.”

Born on June 22, 1992, Believe attended Emganwini Primary School and Founders High School. He played rugby and loved body building.

Mourners are gathered at 1520 Nketa 8 in Bulawayo with his burial set for today. The Chronicle