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Ti Gonzi more than a friend: Gary Tight

By Edwin Nhukarume,

Musician Gary Tight says he takes Ti Gonzi for a brother after they released another collaboration titled Ndidaire after Zviroto.

Gary Tight
Gary Tight

The new and refreshing single Ndidaire by Gary Tight features Ti Gonzi and Seke Mutema.

Gary Tight said Ti Gonzi is his very close associate and they have more projects in the pipeline besides these two collaborations they have done together.

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“Ndidaire is the second project after Zviroto. We did a couple of projects together which are not features and they are yet to be released.

Zimbabwean rapper Ti Gonzi
Zimbabwean rapper Ti Gonzi

“It will be Gary Tight and Ti Gonzi and vice versa, not as features,” said Gary Tight.

“My relationship with Ti Gonzi is, he is like a brother to me and a real close friend more than an ordinary friend.

“I am also like his younger brother. For the past few years we have gone through, he has been there for me and I was also there for him,” he added.

Gary Tight has revealed his hunger for success as he said he is still to unleash his best. HMetro.