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Letter from America: Trump lost: I lost my bet and many goats!

By Professor Kenneth Mufuka

Brother Jairos Makonese writes; “Brother Ken, we need a complete explanation.” Meanwhile, I have had to pay my editor, Lance Guma at Nehanda Radio a goat. 

Ken Mufuka
Ken Mufuka

Please Jairos, your goat is on the way.

Here is the complete explanation you asked for.

Stacey Abrams and the postal vote

As my brother Arthur Mutambara has wisely pointed out, Donald Trump, a conservative, believes in the old fashioned virtue of every citizen coming to the poll booth, getting his credentials checked by a committee of five (in my county) and casting his (or her) vote in public.

The objection to that has always been that the very presence of five white commissioners staring down an old black woman (or man) can be intimidating.

In my county, the Phoenix Riots of 1996 were provoked by a hostile presence of white racists superintending the voters ‘booth. Three blacks were killed.

In the election for governor in Georgia, 2019, Sister Stacy Abrams’ opponent was the State Secretary of State in charge of elections. How it was permitted that that man was allowed to keep his job as chief officer for elections and run for another office is beyond me.

In the previous ten years, according to Stacey, the rascal had purged the voter’s role of over a million voters. One loses a right to vote when one moves away from a former address, or out of state, or dies, or commits a felony.

If therefore the bodily presence of an elector is required, and the signatures and addresses are checked, quite a few can find their names are no longer on their home roll. It is a criminal offense to raise one’s voice in the presence of an officer.

Use your imagination.

After losing, Stacey formed a Georgia First group which registered over 800 000 voters. Now here is the juicy part. Georgia is blessed by the best educated black population in the US, because of the presence of the five black colleges in Atlanta.

If ballots are sent by post, the commissioners are unlikely to be able to verify the signature, the home county, or whether the voter has a felonious record.

Democrats, as I have said previously, are the intellectual (and mean) party while Republicans are the stupid party.

Further, I am told that Democrats learned from Robert Mugabe. A huge number of these new votes were from nursing homes and little old ladies were “assisted” in filling in their ballots by do-gooders.

Democrats then occupy a high moral ground. Surely, you want all the votes to be counted. The stupid Republicans come out as scoundrels when they insist on “verification” of signatures, residence requirements, deaths etcetera, and etcetera.

Georgia is “red-neck country” (where the majority of whites hang on to their guns and bibles (according to Obama) and solid Republican country. If Sister Stacey delivered, say half the 800 000 she registered, by whatever means possible, she is our girl. That is a game changer.

Georgia, a Republican state since 1992, and  on the verge of a Biden win by 40 000 votes has agreed to a recount.

Commanding heights

Barack Obama is the measure of a civilized man, one can see that his utterances are measured; as such he own the undying loyalty of the younger generation and the commanding heights in the military and the intelligence agencies.

Trump, described by my white brother Andrew Moyse of DRUM fame as a man without “class, no charm, no coolness, no credibility, no compassion, no wit, no warmth, no wisdom and no subtlety” was the exact opposite to Obama.

As a professor I would ask my students his question. If he was, as we say, that much of a moron, why is it that he attracted the undying loyalty of 73 million voters, 4 million less than that of Joe Biden?

I would also tell my students of my experience. My first doctoral dissertation was rejected because while my research on Booker T. Washington was commendable, I had failed to recognize his nemesis, W.E.B. DuBois.

The moral of the story is that those who hate Trump assume that every sensible person should take the same posture.

I suffered a similar fate after my ten year research on Robert Mugabe. As a Zipra, I failed to appreciate the fact that thousands prospered greatly, (if not millions) and these worshipped him. I was on the verge of throwing away my third attempt when Cyril Zenda took over and completed the manuscript.

The US elites undermined every effort Trump made.  Judicial Watch says that 73 million Trumpkins ( a word of derision)  “are disheartened when they see the institutions they once trusted, like the FBI, the Department of Justice and the federal courts, become instruments of political abuse and nonsense.”

They see Trump impeached for a telephone call he made while Jose Biden goes free after boasting to the Foreign Relations Council that he had the Ukraine prosecutor “that son of a bitch” (Biden’s words) fired in six hours for investigating his son Hunter Biden.

In the Altim County in Michigan, the voting machine habitually threw all Trumpkin votes to Biden. When the voters, who were Trumpkin loyalists, saw the results, they approached the commissioners. On a recount, Biden had lost by 2 500 votes.

Under normal circumstances, one wonders whether the machine was programmed by a Democrat with the connivance of the establishment. Further, tradition demands that a loser should avoid the appearance of being a mean loser.

Trump’s challenges are doomed to fail, as happened in Michigan when 100 voters who died in 2017 and were resurrected to vote against him.

Lastly, I will explain Trump’s cause. Many Americans realized over the years that their country was being sold to China, under a global trade agreement, and they were losing jobs. Since the newspapers are owned by globalists, there was no recourse.

On the cultural level, the evisceration of “normal behavior” has been under attack for the last fifty years. Here are a few examples.

If a parent spanks his child, the parent goes to a jailhouse.

You can be whatever you want to be. So a six year old boy comes home and says to his mommy, girls wear the prettiest clothes, he wants to be a girl.

A Grade 4 kid is taught sex education. It is alright to do sex by oneself. The teacher says so.

Just yesterday, a certain teacher by the name Tom introduced me to his spouse, Mr. Greg. Tom is perfectly normal. I am the one who needs to be locked up for holding my breath.

The New York Times 1619 Project (K-12) says that the US is basically a slave society and its original sin cannot be redeemed. A newspaper seeks to impose a syllabus on all the 50 states without Congressional approval.

As we g to the press, beer halls are now open under Covid 19 precautions. Churches are regulated under “non-essential entertainment” and are still closed.

Trump, a thoroughly flawed man sought to represent the unrepresented. The establishment was too much for him to overcome.

Jairos, your goat is on the way.