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Gringo handled fame well: Sibenge

By Trust Khosa

Veteran actor and former Studio 263 star, Ben Sibenge, says late actor Lazarus “Gringo” Boora was a rare artist who handled fame with distinction.

Lazarus Boora (centre) popularly known as Gringo
Lazarus Boora (centre) popularly known as Gringo

Better known as Mr Shereni in the country’s first ever soapie said he wished many artists could take the leafy from the late actor.

“Gringo was one person that we helped to perfect his craft in Mabvuku-Tafara where he stayed for years.

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“Despite the fame he had, he remained a humble guy that is hard to come by in this profession.

“Unlike other artists who immediately change when fame gets into their hard, Gringo was a different person altogether.

“Unlike most artists of today, they change their behaviour once they become famous and this has seen some of them falling by the wayside,” he said.

Ben Sibenge (left) and Stephen Chigorimbo
Ben Sibenge (left) and Stephen Chigorimbo

Sibenge said besides the notorious role he played on most dramas, Gringo was a reserved person.

“you will be shocked to note that Gringo was one of the nice people that you would ever find since he was humbled.

“Off the small screen, he was the opposite of the character and where he was given a new role to play, he would perform it with distinction,” he added.

Gringo who died aged 47 will be buried today in Rukweza Village, Rusape.

He is survived by his widow and seven children. H-Metro