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MPs skip Parliament to see boyfriends, girlfriends

By Nkulumani Mlambo

It is taking long to pass Bills in Parliament because MPs, particularly Zanu PF are skipping the august House to see their boyfriends and girlfriends, the ruling party’s national political commissar, Victor Matemadanda has said.

Victor Matemadanda
Victor Matemadanda

He said that there is serious indiscipline among party MPs to the extent that even President Mnangagwa has given up on them.

The MPs only attend Parliament for the purpose of collecting fuel coupons.

Matemadanda, who is also Deputy Minister of Defence and War Veterans said this during a Zanu PF
Masvingo Province Coordinating Committee (PCC) meeting held at GZU School of Education on

Matemadanda said Zanu MPs have a tendency of attending Parliament sessions only to get fuel
coupons and disappear to their girlfriends and boyfriends leaving Bills unpassed.

He said the party is failing to pass the Bills because of a lack of quorum. “Zanu PF is capable of passing laws on its own in Parliament because we have the numbers but our MPs are not patriotic to the party. We have MPs who soon after getting their fuel coupons on Wednesday disappeared to their girlfriends and boyfriends, leaving Parliament business unfinished.

“Some go to their farms and use diesel for farming instead of Parliament business.

“The President assigned me to talk to these MPs but they have defied me. He even assigned VP Mohadi but they won’t listen to him. The President has given up on these MPs because he believes and has allowed democratic space in the party.

“Therefore as you elect your DCC members please don’t elect place holders; elect real cadres of the
party,” said Matemadanda. Masvingo Mirror