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Wife demands fuel as a maintenance

By Tendai Gukutikwa

A court gallery was left speechless after a Mutare woman demanded 160 litres of fuel as part of her nine-year-old son’s monthly maintenance.

Fuel queues are now a common site in Zimbabwe
Fuel queues are now a common site in Zimbabwe

Victoria Manyange said her Mercedes Benz needs two full tanks for the whole month.

She told the court that while she was still living with Mirai Manyange, he would always fuel her car. Victoria also claimed that her estranged husband was a co-owner at a fuel station in Marondera.

“We are used to a luxurious life and we are entitled to that kind of life regardless of the fact that we are no longer together. Our lifestyle should not change,” she said.

“I used to get more than two full tanks a month from him. I am being lenient with him,” she said.

Asked if she could prove that Mirai is the co-owner of a fuel station, Victoria claimed that Mirai is a silent partner in the company and therefore it would be difficult to prove.

“All I know is that the fuel station is his property. However, he is a silent partner and the company papers do not mention his name. Maybe he was trying to evade paying maintenance by deliberately having his name omitted in the company registration papers,” she said.

However, Mirai denied owning a fuel station.

He said he was employed by his friend as a manager at the said Marondera service station.

“I started working at that fuel station way back. She knows that. If I owned the company, why would I have removed my name from the company registration papers?” he said.

Mirai went on to state that Victoria’s ‘‘obsession’’ with an extravagant lifestyle is the reason for their separation.

He told the court that he could afford paying US$100 monthly for the maintenance of his son, an amount which was granted by the court.

In her initial maintenance application, Victoria had demanded US$600 as monthly maintenance for her son.

She said some of the money will be used for WiFi, DStv subscription and her son’s swimming and tennis sessions. The Manica Post