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‘Stop useless factional fights and fix economy’, Tshinga Dube tells Zanu PF

Former War Veterans minister, Retired Colonel Tshinga Dube has urged ruling Zanu PF party bigwigs to end vicious succession disputes and focus on reviving the economy.

Colonel (Retired) Tshinga Dube
Former War Veterans Minister Retired Colonel Tshinga Dube

The ruling party is currently preparing for the District Coordinating Committee (DCC) elections but factionalism is already causing havoc in these elections with some top Zanu PF officials reportedly planning to unseat President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Speaking to the privately owned Daily News on Tuesday, Dube urged Zanu PF bigwigs to focus on rebuilding the economy and wait for the congress to succeed Mnangagwa.

Dube added that Mnangagwa needed the party’s full support to deliver optimal services to Zimbabweans.

“Bigwigs must wait for the Zanu PF congress if they want to succeed Mnangagwa. This is where the succession issue can be dealt with. All the current fights are useless.

“For now, I think those who are talking about succession must wait and give … Mnangagwa time to deal with the current economic problems. Succession is decided by congress,” Dube said.

“President Mnangagwa must be supported to execute his mandate, not factionalism and unnecessary succession wars. These are not necessary at all.

“There is an urgent need for unity of purpose in the party,” Dube said.

While addressing Zanu PF structures in Harare recently, Zanu PF political commissar Victor Matemadanda admitted that the ruling party was plagued by tribalism and regionalism.

“We respected (the late vice president Joshua) Nkomo as our leader. People from Plumtree up to Mutoko sang songs praising Nkomo.

“Our relationship should not be premised on tribalism and regionalism. Some are saying let us wait and see whether we are going to support a certain leader or not.

“That’s what you are doing here in Harare … this habit has grown in Harare. It is now like a huge tree and you are saying we are tribal specialists.

“This is not good for the party and it must stop,” Matemadanda said.