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Gary Tight regrets abusing drugs

Rising afro-fusion musician Gary “Tight” Muponda opened up on his battle with drug addiction after being queried by many on social media.

Gary Tight
Gary Tight

Surprisingly, Gary did not deny the allegations levelled against him. He said it was a bad experience and urged fellow musicians and young people to desist from taking drugs.

Gary who revealed in an interview that he started taking BronCleer, popularly known as bronco, and mbanje to escape the pressures of life, said he did not wish to travel the same route again.

The “Ndizarurire” hit-maker sought rehabilitation and counselling.

“It all started when I was 22 years of age. I had been in a relationship and after failing to get along with the lady in question, I decided to end it,” said Tight.

“Already suffering from heartbreak due to the failed relationship. My lover chose to sue me for failing to fulfil a promise to marry her, which took a toll on me.”

Gary, who is son to legendary musician Willom Tight, was sued for US$10 000 for breaking his promise to marry his live-in girlfriend Amanda Tinotenda Manyowa with whom she had been in a relationship for close to three years, one month of which they co-habited.

“The court case and how messy the relationship ended was part of the reason I ended up in addiction. I was hopeless,” he said.

Growing up like no ordinary young person, having to take care of his family of four at a young age when his father hit hard times and moved to South Africa, Gary faced hardships no young man should.

That was in addition to all the pressures that came with fame and creativity.

When he realised that his life was taking a downward spiral, he followed his father to South Africa where he stayed for a year seeking help.

“I went to South Africa to cut myself off from people whom I took drugs with so that I would not be tempted back on that path,” said Gary.

“The change of environment worked well for me that when I came back I was stronger and focused on my music.”

Gary is not the first young musician to struggle with addiction, with artistes like Soul Jah Love, Tererai Mugwadi and Dobba Don among others have being regular visitors at different rehabilitation centres.

Most artistes who abuse drugs end up struggling with life and their talent goes down to the drain.

It is also alleged that promising star with unmatched talent in dendera music, Tryson Chimbetu has been involved in drugs resulting in losing some of his fans. The Herald