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Defiant MDC-T youths still occupying Harvest House, one week later

It is now more than a week since the MDC-T youths occupied the Harvest House Headquarters and instructed party leaders to reunite with the MDC Alliance.

Paul Gorekore
Paul Gorekore and MDC-T youths inside Harvest House

Paul Gorekore, Harare Province Chairperson according to the 2014 MDC structures facilitated the capture of the historic house.

He said the agenda was to force all MDC faction leaders to unite and avoid the infiltration of the mother opposition party.

MDC-T 2014 national youth secretary Happymore Chidziva, said they were there to ensure “unprogressive elements” do not derail attempts to unite the party.

“We realised we could not continue acting dumb and deaf while the party was slowly disintegrating hence the decision to cast away our differences and unite to defend our party as per founding president Morgan Tsvangirai’s advice.

“The youths just want to see the party returning to its founding principles and values, with all Zanu PF elements flushed out. People should actually not fear anything, we are not going to be violent on anyone be it the public of internally.

“The decision to sleep inside Harvest House to stop unprogressive elements who want to fight unification of our party, people who do not want to see a strong opposition in this country.

“We have enough of everything, food, water, and solidarity from senior party members who have all come behind our just cause,” Chidziva told NewZimbabwe.com.

Gorekore last week said the party had been infiltrated by sell-outs with an agenda to derail the democratic freedom.

“It therefore follows that we act to unite our leadership, our support base and Zimbabweans at large and ensure the Vision of Dr Morgan Tsvangirai lives on across generations.

“We furthermore urge the Zimbabwe Republic Police to desist from interfering in MDC internal political affairs and immediately vacate our headquarters.

“We also urge all youths to maintain discipline and peace as we await the party national executive and national council meeting to map the political way forward. This is not a one generation move movement. We will define, defend and secure our future,” he said.