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Agent speaks out on Muduhwa debacle

By Ricky Zililo

George Deda, the agent who pulled the plug on Highlanders defender Peter Muduhwa’s move to Sudan, says he has no problem working with other player intermediaries as long as they are honest.

Highlanders defender Peter Muduhwa
Highlanders defender Peter Muduhwa

All had been done for Muduhwa to join an unnamed Sudanese club, with Bosso and the player agreeing terms of the deal before it was called off on Monday after facilitators “discovered” that the player actually had an agent on the eve of his departure.

Reports had linked the defender to one of the top clubs in Sudan.

Muduhwa was supposed to leave for Khartoum on Tuesday and meet Deda who is already in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum.

Deda is in Khartoum to conclude moves for the FC Platinum pair of Last Jesi and Silas Songani, who were both signed by Al Hilal.

Deda said what was crucial was for players to be honest like Songani whose deal he facilitated despite that he belongs to another player intermediary.

He said he was taken aback when Gibson Mahachi phoned him asking what he was doing with his player yet he was working with other intermediaries to enable Muduhwa’s move.

“Honesty is key in this industry. Look, I’ll be honest, as agents we work together and there are times when I have the contact but lack material and I engage a person with the material. There are times when I have the material but no contacts and as such when someone gets a club for my player I release him,” said Deda.

He said he will be flying to Kuwait soon to broker a deal for two Ghanaian players after being linked by another agent.

Deda is one of the country’s five registered player intermediaries and has been behind Zimbabwean players’ moves to Zambia, Tanzania and most recently West Africa where Tafadzwa Kutinyu plays for Horoya in Guinea.

Other agents registered by Zifa are Mahachi, Gerald Maguranyanga, Colin Zilali and Charles Jones.

Deda reportedly started working on Muduhwa’s deal three months ago by contacting Bosso, inquiring about his availability.

Efforts to get a comment from Muduhwa were fruitless. The Chronicle