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Mbuyiseni Ndlozi lambasted for defending manhandling of eNCA reporter Nobesuthu Hejana

Economic Freedom Fighters MP Mbuyiseni Ndlozi has been branded a misogynist and hypocrite on social media after saying party supporters were not harassing a journalist at a Clicks protest but just “touching” her.

Economic Freedom Fighters MP Mbuyiseni Ndlozi
Economic Freedom Fighters MP Mbuyiseni Ndlozi

He defended unnamed EFF protestors who pushed and shoved eNCA reporter Nobesuthu Hejana during a live crossing from a Clicks outlet in the Cape Town suburb of Plumstead.

“I really do not see harassment here. Merely Touching her is not harassment. The touch has to be violent, invasive, or harmful to become harassment,” Ndlozi tweeted.

The South African National Editors’ Forum (SANEF) said owed Hejana and all South African women an apology for his “horrifying” defence of harassment.

Sanef also called on the Gender Commission and Parliament to investigate the matter.

“While it is unacceptable for anyone to be touching another person without their consent, in a country like ours, with alarming cases of gender based violence, it is horrifying that a member of parliament finds it okay for a group of men, to be harassing a woman.

“It is equally horrific that Ndlozi thinks it is okay to tell women what constitutes harassment. ”

Sanef added that it was ironic that the incident happened at a protest where the EFF is targetting a retailer for offending the dignity of black women with an advert for Tresemme shampoo.

Both the advert and the hair care line has been withdrawn by Clicks after it sparked outrage for blatant racism.

“It is ironic that the incident happened during a protest by EFF, fighting for the dignity of black women and they themselves harassed a black woman,” SANEF said.

Social media commentators matched Sanef’s criticism, with commentators pointing out that Ndlozi in particular has portrayed himself as highly sensitive to women’s rights.

Political analyst Justice Malala said Ndlozi’s tweet was perfectly in keeping with the general misogyny of the EFF.

“It leaders will never let you forget what they truly are: a misogynistic, fascist, intolerant, violent, corrupt bunch of opportunists who thrive on hate.

More condemnation followed after Ndlozi tried to defend his initial tweet by saying journalist have routinely been pushed out of the way by presidential security guards.

“The Presidential Protection Unit has been pushing journalists since the days of Nelson Mandela. Journalists have never called this harassment; not a single journalist, senior or junior, has ever complained. An unarmed member of the EFF, touches one journalist; you cry Harassment!”

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