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Jah Master grateful for support

By Latwell Nyangu

Chanter of the moment Jah Master is grateful for the support he is getting from his fans.

Rodney Mashandure a.k.a Jah Master
Rodney Mashandure a.k.a Jah Master

He rose to fame last year with the song Takasangana Mutaundi before releasing Hello Mwari, which has set new records in Zimbabwe.

In an interview with his manager Lennox “Spitfire” Madzamba, the camp said owed their success to fans.

“The chanter is excited by the current love he is receiving from our fans worldwide.

“He has made a promise to his fans that he wants to reach the levels of Bob Marley and Michael Jackson.

“He has a strong Christian background and he is even part of the praise and worship team at his church.

“So after being a Christian, he sings about his real life situation, which lead him to realising that some people were actually using him and yet get the credit in terms of money and fame while he is toiling to make ends meet.”

Spifire said Jah is not part of the chanters who are involved in drugs.

“It’s true a lot has been said about drugs in dancehall but not all artists do drugs. It is happening a lot but it’s not really a dancehall issue but rather a ghetto problem.

“I thank God Jah Master doesn’t drink, smoke or blow.”

Spitfire said Jah realised that God had given him power on earth to deal with situations.

“God gave him power to deal with situations that are physical while God looks against those coming spiritually to harm him.

“As someone who always prays, he decided to make a phone call or prayer direct to God to alert him about what he was about to do while also asserting that who God blesses no one curses.

“He just creates and or receive songs as choruses then the rest he meditates while in the studio. I don’t know who sends the choruses to his mind but maybe it’s the reason he called God to send him more verses and choruses.

“Yes he also dreams his lyrics while wide awake,” said Spitfire.

He said Jah Master is humbled by the support he is getting.

“He is very humbled by the support that the people have given him including all those who have helped him along his journey.

“Kune vese vanosupporta Jah Master tinoti rambai munesu, mangoma ndirikubika, ndirimukitchen, ndini wenyu Jah Master pon de session’ is Jah Masters message to the fans.” H-Metro