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Covid-19 is horrible, stay safe, recovered Zaza advises

By Bongani Ndlovu

Newscaster and media personality Zandile “Zaza” Ndlovu has shared how scary it was suffering from Covid-19 and thanked friends and family for their support during her battle.

Newscaster and media personality Zandile “Zaza” Ndlovu
Newscaster and media personality Zandile “Zaza” Ndlovu

Zaza who reads news on ZBCtv, especially during weekends, said she tested positive some weeks ago and immediately went into self-isolation at home in Harare.

Posting on her Facebook page this week, Zaza said she realised she was unwell when she lost her voice.

“Three weeks ago, I developed swollen tonsils. I lost my voice and started deteriorating. We suspected Covid-19, but each time I tried to get tested, I was told the test kits had run out. I got quite ill to the point where I needed help and my older sister Sheila had to come from Lupane to care for me,” narrated Zaza.

She said she started having trouble breathing and felt feverish while at home. At that point, she went to her doctor and that’s when she tested positive.

Zaza said the path to recovery was a hard and expensive one saying the pandemic is draining financially.

“The combined care from my family, Highfields Garden City Hospital and my friends who would phone me to cheer me up was amazing. But one thing that this virus does, is drain you and your family of resources. Buying the medication, fresh vegetables and herbs needed to make those concoctions is extremely expensive. I was starting to struggle, but didn’t want my family to worry,” said Zaza.

She said God works in amazing ways as her friends from the virtual world who she had never met physically, came through for her.

“Just when you think things are bad, my friends from the Brothers with voices (Kudzai J Ndoro, Batsirai Mhuka and Chris) podcast who are abroad, noticed that I wasn’t as active on their show on Facebook. So they wrote to me to find out what was happening. When I told them I was unwell, they pooled their resources and sent me a care package via Fresh In A Box.

“There are some amazing people out there who will feel your struggle and help. I’m truly humbled by friends like these who showed me such love.”

In a follow up interview, the media personality said she is feeling much better and is looking forward to returning to work to read the news. She described this as a scary chapter in her life.

She went on to share some of the concoctions she took to soothe the pain she went through.

“I was on a daily mix of isihaqa, ntolwane, ginger, garlic, honey, lemon and guava leaves. Plus ukufutha and chopping onion, putting it in a towel and tying it to my chest as I slept,” said Zaza.

“I don’t wish this virus on anyone. It’s horrible. Please continue to stay safe and take those concoctions. They help a lot,” she said.

However, she said it was saddening to see how Zimbabweans stigmatise those who test positive for Covid-19. The Chronicle