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Luke-king the Beast in the Eye: We shall pursue and recover all

By Luke Tamborinyoka

History has a tendency of repeating itself. Like the biblical marauding Amalekite invaders, the criminal lot in Zanu PF has invaded our party and begun an insidious theft and asset-stripping crusade that shall turn out to be ill-fated in the fullness of time.

Luke-ing the Beast in the Eye with Luke Batsirai Tamborinyoka
Luke-ing the Beast in the Eye with Luke Batsirai Tamborinyoka

They have taken away our elected MPs and replaced them with an unelected motley led by a prophetess of Hades known as Thoko-Zanu Khupe.

Millions of MDC Alliance supporters from the affected constituencies and provinces have begun filing their objections to ZEC, just for the record if not for anything else, as no form of justice or fairness can ever be expected from these now fully captured institutions.

Zanu PF grabbed our headquarters and donated it to their pliable surrogates, though we remain firmly and adequately headquartered in the hearts and minds of the people. And the people are well aware of the shenanigans of Zanu PF—these political pirates of our time.

They took our government grant and yet again donated it to the usual suspects. Let it be unequivocally stated here that while money is important to undertake various party programmes, the enduring currency in the industry of politics is the people.

And the people, the real currency and enduring transactional value of politics, remain firm, solid and unstinting behind the leadership of Nelson Chamisa.

The Devil unwittingly continues to spill his game-plan in advance. George Charanba has publicly forewarned us of a pending burglary still to come that will manifest in the grab of our party name, slogans and logo.

Rest assured, fellow Zimbabweans, we have a cogent plan in place around that promised robbery.

As Zimbabweans finalise their plans for full and robust citizen action to make a loud statement around this robbery and the clampdown on people’s rights and freedoms, let it be categorically stated that in the fullness of time, we will regain our pilfered political bounty.

A reading of the Holy Book in 1 Samuel 30 will show that there have been similar robberies by violent, malignant troops. But the tenacious victims of robbery have recovered all their stolen property.

The Amalekites raided the city of Ziklag, burnt it and confiscated all of the worldly possessions of King David and his men, including their wives and children. King David himself even lost his two wives: Ahinoam the Jezreelitess and Abigail the the widow of Nabal, the Carmelite.

As the men wondered aloud and pondered on their next move, King David went and asked God: “Shall I pursue this troop? Shall I overtake them?” And God replied: “Pursue, for you shall surely overtake them and without fail, recover all.”

The rest, as they say, is history. David indeed pursued the marauding troops and recovered all his stolen property.

We in the MDC Alliance have anchored our democratic struggle on non-violence and on our Christian faith. Anchoring the struggle on our Christian faith is a sign of strength and not weakness. We too will actively and robustly pursue Zanu PF to recover our all!

Fellow Zimbabweans, we have a plan. Rest assured, things are cooking in the background. Armed with nothing save for our open hand and brandishing neither gun nor knife, the people of Zimbabwe shall pursue Zanu PF with unprecedented robustness to reclaim what rightfully belongs to them.

There is no substitute to citizen power. If the regime is cornered by mere rivulets, as is the case now, what shall they do when the full avalanche of citizen expression engulfs the entire nation, as it shall certainly do in the not-so-distant future?

As one man called Vladimir Illych Ulianov, better known as Lenin, once said, there are times when history simply needs a push, a helping hand.

In times of repression such as the one being visited upon the innocent citizens of this country, history certainly requires a nudge!

God is in it. And the people of Zimbabwe shall certainly be giving history a helping hand.

Dictatorship has temporary legs. The presumed dictators victory shall soon come to nought. Just like King David, by dint of both divine power and the people’s robust but Constitutional expression, we shall pursue and recover all.

In the week that we buried the heroes of our struggle Lovendar Chiwaya and Patson Dzamara, we pledge that the people of Zimbabwe shall soon be accelerating the wheels of history.

Happy birthday to my beloved daughter, Lee-Anne Tapiwanashe. Have a blast. Chihera.

You were born today–the historic day when Martin Luther King Jnr in 1963 delivered the famous I-have-a-Dream speech. Your dreams will flourish.

And equally the dreams of the repressed and oppressed people of Zimbabwe shall flourish.

The people will always have the last laugh.

Just watch the space as the people brace to pursue and recover all!

Luke Tamborinyoka is the Deputy Secretary for Presidential Affairs in the MDC Alliance led by Advocate Nelson Chamisa. He is a multiple award-winning journalist who was once elected and served as the secretary-general of the Zimbabwe Union of Journalists.

Tamborinyoka served as spokesperson for almost 10 years to the country’s democracy icon, Morgan Tsvangirai until the latter’s death in 2018. He is an ardent political scientist who won the Book Prize for Best Student when he graduated with a Bachelor of Science Honours degree in Political Science at the University of Zimbabwe.

You can interact with him on Facebook or on the twitter handle @luke_tambo.