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“You will see all sorts of fake news about Chamisa” – spokesman speaks out

By Nyashadzashe Ndoro 

MDC Alliance presidential spokesperson Nkululeko Sibanda says the ruling Zanu PF party is behind the falsehoods being peddled on social media suggesting the main opposition leader Nelson Chamisa and his vice Tendai Biti had a fallout.

Dr Nkululeko Sibanda (left) seen here with opposition leader Nelson Chamisa (right)
Dr Nkululeko Sibanda (left) seen here with opposition leader Nelson Chamisa (right)

Parody accounts of Chamisa and Biti made headlines on Twitter purporting the two leaders were at each other’s throats. 

Sibanda in an exclusive interview with Nehanda Radio noted the ruling party was desperate to divide the opposition with these ill conceived machinations. 

“Zanu PF is trying everything it can to destroy the movement and there is a reason for that, they know that President Chamisa is the greatest challenge to Zanuism and everything that is associated with it. 

“President Chamisa aligns with the people and is involved in a number of irreversible actions to force change for our country. They hate a leader who they can’t control or influence to do things in their time, it makes them angry and they have no control.

“They are doing everything they can to spread lies aimed at creating internal conflict but the leadership of the party is made of intelligent people. 

“We should just warn the public that they will see all sorts of fake news about President Chamisa. If in doubt people should verify the news with my office or the Information Department,” Sibanda said.

Chamisa has been accused of being silent and creating a launch pad for his so called rivals to succeed him. 

Sibanda said the opposition leader was taking his time to introspect in order to pave a right way forward. 

“President Nelson Chamisa takes deliberate actions, it takes a lot of introspection, thinking, planning, projections and preparation of options. Leaders cannot be knee jack reactors but nuclear reactors. When he acts, they hide and wonder – action not for praise but Change,” Sibanda said. 

Political tensions are continuing to escalate. There is toxicity in Zimbabwean politics with the ruling party Zanu PF blaming the MDC Alliance of inviting US sanctions on Zimbabwe. 

On Wednesday, Information minister Monica Mutsvangwa accused MDC Alliance leader Chamisa and his party’s western allies of causing all challenges being faced by the country. Nehanda Radio