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Felix Moyo leaves Nust

National University of Science and Technology (Nust) director of communications and marketing Mr Felix Moyo has retired after serving the institution for 23 years.

Mr Felix Moyo
NUST director for communication and marketing Mr Felix Moyo

Mr Moyo bade farewell to Nust last week together with Dr Fortune Nkomo who was the institution’s bursar and had joined the university at its inception in 1991.

The two join former registrar Mr Fidelis Mhlanga who resigned in May after serving the university for 26 years.

The trio had served Nust for a combined 79 years and were among the remaining senior founding members of the university.

Nust management and staff commended Mr Moyo and Dr Nkomo for their service to the growth of the university.

Nust council chairman Mr Alvord Mabena said the duo’s departure would affect Nust, as it moves to recruit their replacements.

“As a team, you always ensured that Nust business moves forward and it’s a fact that your departure has a destabilising effect on the university. As Council we are working to bring stability by recruiting capable staff to continue the work of moving Nust forward,” said Mr Mabena.

He said the duo leaves the university in a dignified manner, calling for other staff members to emulate their work ethic.

Mr Mabena said Nust should come up with innovative ways to address societal challenges and challenged the remaining leaders to develop the university to greater heights.

“Let us respond by coming up with innovations, and adapt to the new normal. We need to have focus, and if we work as a team, the power in us will be useful, as we work to serve our future generations,” said Mr Mabena.

Nust Vice Chancellor Professor Mqhele Dlodlo paid tribute to the duo for their dedication towards the university.

He said while Mr Moyo ensured that the Nust brand is not tainted, Dr Nkomo safeguarded the university’s purse.

“You unified communication and marketing and always told the Nust story based on facts. You kept the media under control and guided them into portraying a positive image about Nust. Today, Nust is an influence within and to outside stakeholders because of the communication and marketing director,” said Prof Dlodlo.

“Dr Nkomo controlled Nust funds and always sought to solve the problems that we found ourselves in by managing the damage that was caused by the University community,” he noted.

“He used our motto ‘think in other terms’ very well as he took the University through the hard economic times and hence we stand today.”

Mr Moyo said he was gratified to have served at Nust while encouraging the institution to adapt to new ways of doing things, to change administrative systems and improve service delivery. The Chronicle