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“I did not collect my ‘O’ Level results,” Passion Java admits in broadcast

By Nyashadzashe Ndoro

Flamboyant cleric, Prophet Passion Java has admitted that he doesn’t have any academic qualifications adding that he did not even collect his O’ Level results from Seke 2 High School.

Prophet Passion Java
Prophet Passion Java

In a live broadcast on Thursday, Java honestly dealt with several controversial issues precipitated by his young brother Simbarashe Java claiming that he was homeless and in need of support. He also spoke about his beef with Mai Tt, Apostle Talent Chiwenga and journalist Simba Chikanza.

Java confirmed claims by Chiwenga that he changed his name from Panganai to Passion.

“I changed my name because I realised I was going to interact with many international people so I wanted to make it easy for them to pronounce it. Therefore, I changed it from Panganai Java to Passion Java and it has been over ten years now,” Java said.

He also said he left school after he realised new avenues of making money and did not bother to collect results of his highest educational level, O’ Level.

“Then he (Talent Chiwenga) came with another dis and lied that I did not have O’ Level, I wrote my O’ Level you can ask the people that I grew up with in Seke 2. I did not collect my results so I cannot confirm if he was lying or not. I got the chance to rise and I told myself not to concentrate anymore with either repeating O’ Level or going to High School. Kugona chikoro hakusiko kugona hupenyu.

“I am the only child in our family who was not good in school, others went to Universities and they were intelligent. Inini ndini dofo rekupedzisirisa mumba medu. Kwete kufoira hupenyu asi chikoro.

Chiwenga recently teared into controversial Passion Java saying he was bogus and without any academic qualifications. Chiwenga had also dared Java to explain his source of wealth, accusing him of flaunting money inherited from his current wife.

“He does not have five ordinary levels. So which business offered you money to buy expensive cars including that airplane with a deflated wheel?

“Much of the money he flaunts around is the money that he inherited from this woman that he got married to these days which was his counsellor during the days that he was having a marriage dispute,” Chiwenga said.

He added that the flamboyant prophet could only confuse comedians who solicit for funding not him. Nehanda Radio