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Biggie Tembo Jr make progress

By Trust Khosa

One of the two surviving members of Bhundu Boys – Kenneth Chitsvatsva – insists the late Biggie Tembo’s legacy won’t be interred with his remains.

Bhundu Boys
Bhundu Boys led by Biggie Tembo (right)

The UK based Chitsvatsva and Rise Kagona (Scotland) are the only surviving Bhundu Boys members still reminiscing on the good old days they had at their peak.

Despite being miles away, the two revered entertainers – Chitsvatsva and Kagona – haven’t forgotten Big Tembo Senior (real name Rodwell Mhosva Marasha), almost 25 years after his death.

In an effort to honour one of their own, Chitsvatsva who last year went public after being given a ‘cold shoulder’ by the departed crooner’s family, appears to have finally “kissed and made up” with the latter.

Not only is Chitsvatsva and the Tembo family are now in good books but the drummer has since recorded a single with Biggie Tembo Junior titled Shungu Dzenyu.

The single has been uploaded on Youtube channel and plans are underway to record visuals for the single.

Speaking to H-Metro from his UK base, Chitsvatsva spoke glowingly about Biggie Tembo Junior.

“We worked together on a single which has since been uploaded on Youtube and I can safely say he is a talented artiste.

“In short, it’s his song and he only asked me to help him and I was really impressed by the commitment and passion that he showed me as we worked on this project.

“There is more coming between us and I am glad that he cooperates a lot with us,” he said.

Besides this collaboration, Chitsvatsva said he was ready to help Biggie Tembo with a musical kit that he needs since he relies in on hiring others.

“He told me that he doesn’t have the music kit and right now I managed to buy him some amplifiers and a drum set which is yet to be delivered owing to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The amplifiers have been delivered and it is my wish that he gets the drum set soon as he is steadily building his career,” he said.

Added Chitsvatsva:

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“When I left Zimbabwe to settle here in the UK, this boy was too young and I am glad that he is now a grown up man with a wife and two children.

“I think family had also taught him to be focused and we are ready to assist him if he needs our expertise.”

Asked how he was managing during the Covid-19 lockdown where many people have either lost their sources of income or are struggling to make ends meet, Chitsvatsva said:

“I am glad that I am still going to work and I haven’t lost my job and all his is because of the grace of the lord.

“Musically, I can safely say I am still in the studio and I wish to release a number of singles.

“Last year, I recorded and released a new single titled Ngoma Ndiyo Ndiyo which was recorded at Red Wine Studios.

“As a musician, it’s not easy to completely quit what you love most and that is the reason I still record regularly.”

In another interview, Big Tembo Junior’s manager Moses Chinangwa said they were set to learn from the veterans.

“Firstly, I am really sorry to Chitsvatsva for the communication breakdown when he contacted us since Biggie Tembo Junior lost his phone on the day he called us.

“We were lucky that you (H-Metro) helped us link up with Chitsvatsva when you wrote that story and we have since started working together with him.

“It’s indeed a blessing for Biggie Tembo Junior to be working with the best brains in showbiz,” he said.

Chinangwa said they were humbled by the support they received from Chitsvatsva.

“We have since recorded a single titled Shungu Dzenyu where Chitsvatsva added his voice.

“We recorded it here in Zimbabwe and Trutone Studios and we would sent him files that he edited and he would send them back,” he said.

Asked what help they needed from Chitsvatsva to boost their career, Chinangwa added:

“At the moment guidance and wisdom is what we what most so that we can scale greater heights.

“We are grateful to Baba Chitsvatsva for helping us build our musical kit and nothing beats that alone.”

As Biggie Tembo Junior and Chitsvasva are itching to keep the Bhundu Boys legacy alive, they both concurred there is need for hard work and professionalism.

According to Biggie Tembo’s camp, they are ready to work whole, Chitsvatsva is also yearning for the past yet he is stuck on whether to return home for good or not.

But all he preaches is hard work and patience which saw them churning out hits such as Simbimbino, Chekudya Chese, Chitima Kwe, Babamunini Francis, Jekesa among others at their peak. H-Metro