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Accused’s mother haunted by threats

By Arron Nyamayaro

A Zimbabwean businessman based in South Africa is under fire from his friends over more than R90 000 they lost in a botched deal.

Rudo Zvobgo Chidwala
Rudo Zvobgo Chidwala

The nemesis of Tafadzwa Berzell Mbofana with his friends has embroiled his mother Ibbies Chatikobo based in Chegutu to regret as she received threatening calls from in and outside the country accusing her of squandering their money with the former.

A Facebook page and a WhatsApp group of the duped business people among them a prominent man’s daughter Rudo Zvobgo Chidwala has been opened where they are threatening to take unspecified action against Mbofana’s company Ruffkurt Vodka and Clothing with subsidiaries in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Narrating her ordeal, Chatikobo told H-Metro that Mbofana’s botched deals with her friends has negatively affected her health and peace.

“My husband passed on in the year 2000 when Mbofana was five years but what I have experienced for the past few months is more like hell on earth due to the calls I am receiving from his friends over their botched deals,” said Chatikobo.

“I am now a widow and was blessed with two children only but what Mbofana has forced me to be under his friends’ mercy has forced my blood pressure to rise daily.

“Ndanzwa nekufonerwa zvichinzi tirikuda mari yedu yamnakadya nemwana wenyu yaakatibira akasatipa muchaona chitsvuku mugoziva kuti dzedu mari hadzidyiwe.

“I informed Mbofana about this and he confirmed receiving a hand from both his male and female friends to start his business which I never benefitted from.

“He told me that among the friends were his former girlfriends who helped him in good faith but are now turning against him and they opened a Facebook page where they are posting sad stories about him.

“Mbofana used to stay in a tin house and I do not know dispute that his friends helped him to start business but to be honest with you I never put on a dress or get a blanket from that business.

“If you can tell his friends to stop calling me names and threatening me using anonymous numbers since I do not know anything about it and I do not have any shares in Ruffkurt Vodka,” said Chatikobo. H-Metro