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Leonardo Makuya: Indecisiveness will be the death of opposition politics in Zimbabwe

By Leonardo Makuya

“In a world in which many people are indecisive and overly cautious, the use of speed will bring you untold power. Striking first, before your opponents have time to think or prepare, will make them emotional, unbalanced, and prone to error.”~ Robert Greene.

Leonardo Makuya
Leonardo Makuya

For years the opposition has been drawing battle lines and having them crossed by Zanu PF. Battle lines were drawn way back but the opposition seems to be dozing off in the enemy’s territory. If not for indecisiveness the MDC would be the government of the day. This is not in doubt.

Morgan Tsvangirai resoundingly won the 2008 Presidential Election and because of indecisiveness he chose to run away instead of standing his ground boldly and fight. He was successfully cowed into submission and bribed with a useless post (Prime Minister) yet power had eluded him.

A few years later the MDC-Alliance under the leadership of Adv Nelson Chamisa arguably won the 2018 Presidential Election. The people were out in the streets ready to defend the vote but there was no leader to harness this energy and momentum then channel it towards the path of taking power. What followed is history.

Another opportunity to assume power had eluded the indecisive opposition again. What followed were threats of massive demonstrations which never materialized.

I need not to remind opposition leaders that making decisions that are well-informed, time sensitive then backed by swift implementation is a crucial part of being a successful politician. The critical elements in any war are speed, quick decision-making, swift and decisive implementation. Then adaptability–the ability to move and make decisions faster than the enemy.

In as much as social media is imperative in controlling and dominating the political narrative it has unfortunately produced weak, hasty, lazy and indecisive politicians.

In what has now come to be a tradition within the opposition corridors: when opposition members and activists are brutalized by the regime opposition leaders rush to their social media platforms, vent out their anger, make a few threats and in a few days life goes on.

The regime again would have won and cowed dissenting voices into silence. The cycle keeps on rotating and the expectant opposition supporters are left disillusioned.