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Man pardoned from life sentence speaks

By Arron Nyamayaro

A 45-year-old man sentenced to life in imprisonment for assaulting his cheating wife and killing his child warned spouses over domestic violence.

Edward Mauchi
Edward Mauchi

Edward Mauchi hailed President Mnangagwa with the pardon urging men not to engage in domestic violence even after catching their wives in bed with another man.

“Self-control is life and is of greater importance than having stamina and good health to fight weak vessels,” said Mauchi.

“If I had managed to control my tamper the day she told me that the child I killed belonged to another man, I could not have been sentenced to death twenty-one years ago.

Tilder Moyo chatting with one of the inmates released on Tuesday
Tilder Moyo chatting with one of the inmates released on Tuesday
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“President Mnangagwa reduced my death sentence to life and today I feel elevated by being allowed back into the society.

“Iyezvino chero ndikaona vanhu vachirwa handimirepo uye yambiro yangu kuvarume ndeyekuti ukawana mudzimai wako anemumwe murume paradzanai murunyararo panekuendeswa kujeri nekuda kwahasha.

“I tasted three prisons during the 21 years I served in prison and overcrowding was the ugliest experiences in each prison.

“I committed the offence in Gweru and was remanded at Hwahwa and later taken to Chikurubi Maximum before I was transferred to Harare Central Prison.

“I was on death sentence for 19 years before it was reduced in 2018 to life in prison, God is alive brother I will worship him for who he is and give testimonies.

“Allow me to take this opportunity to thank Tilder Foundation Trust for donating groceries and bus fare today and this is my starting point on this second chance accorded to me by His Excellency,” said Mauchi.

Churches and Tilder Foundation Trust were among the institutions who helped a number of released inmates who had no transport money yesterday at Harare Central Prison.

Harare Central Prison with a holding capacity of 1470 remain over populated following the releasing of 100 inmates leaving 1768 inmates praying for their freedom. H-Metro