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JMP Jipe apologises for bashing wife

By Edwin Nhukarume

Popular Zimdancehall producer JMP Jipe has apologised to his wife after she publicly revealed how she is being abused in their marriage.

Popular Zimdancehall producer JMP Jipe and wife Ashly Masendeke
Popular Zimdancehall producer JMP Jipe and wife Ashly Masendeke

JMP’s wife known as Ashly Masendeke recently poured out her feelings on social media as she posted her pictures with a bruised black eye accompanied by words lamenting how her husband is abusing her.

In an interview with H-Metro, JMP apologised to his wife who is apparently not living with him at the moment.

The wife left after they had a misunderstanding which led her to publicly express her anguish and painful marriage with JMP.

“I am sorry to Ashly, our Family and friends but not to the world.

“That’s all I can say,” said JMP.

According to her post on social media, Ashly said she is living in an abusive marriage where she is verbally and psychologically abused by JMP.

Ashly also said JMP has been cheating on her with several women.

JMP is one of the renowned Zimdancehall producers who has released several popular songs and successful riddims. H Metro