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Can Chibadura’s sons strike right chord this time?

By Godwin Muzari

Bassist Roderick Chomudhara rates the late John Chibadura among the best lead guitarists to have graced the local music scene.

The late John Chibadura’s sons — John (Jnr), Simba and Knowledge
The late John Chibadura’s sons — John (Jnr), Simba and Knowledge

Critics may however, say Chomudhara’s judgment could be biased because of the long time he worked with the music legend, but it is beyond debate that Chibadura was one of the country’s finest musicians.

His music is still popular with mature listeners and it speaks volumes about the musician’s talent. Chibadura was also known as “Mr Chitungwiza” as he commanded a huge following in Chitungwiza.

Chibadura was a stage name coined to express the musician’s expertise with the guitar. The gap created by his demise seems too big to fill, but his sons believe they now have what it takes to quench nostalgia among their father’s fans.

The sons started following their father’s footsteps a few years after his death and they had taken a break to revisit their formation.

Now, Simba, Knowledge and John (junior) have bounced back with what they believe will be a project that will make a mark among followers of their father’s music.

A single titled “Vana Vangu” has already been released and it has many signs of the reincarnation of the original Tembo Brothers’ beat.

Taking from their father, the trio is still backed by Tembo Brothers and the group has two members from the yesteryear crew.

“Vana Vangu” is a single from their upcoming album which will be released in June.

The song carries an unmistakable Tembo Brothers’ signature and the vocals will definitely take listeners back to Mr Chitungwiza’s time.

Simba says other songs on the album will seal their mission to keep their father’s music alive.

“We had taken a break to create a new approach to the music. The break was well-deserved because we managed to get support and advice from elders that have been in the music industry for a long time. The guidance we are getting from elders has made a huge difference to our music. Some of the elders worked with our father and their assistance was great,” said Simba.

Although he could not name some of the “elders” who have been grooming them behind the scenes, Simba said the recording and production process is being handled by Jenaguru Village Arts Centre.

“We got assistance from Mr Clive Malunga. He facilitated recording and production of the music. He did everything for free and he will also be supporting us when we market the album.

“We are grateful to all our elders that are helping us on this project. It is a different product from our previous releases and we are confident it will make waves,” said Simba. The Herald