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Lockdown: Zanu PF spokesman claims it’s easier to get help in Zimbabwe than South Africa

By Nyashadzashe Ndoro

The ZANU-PF spokesperson in South Africa, Kennedy Mandaza has urged Zimbabweans living in the country to fill in repatriation forms and go back home where he claimed it’s easier to get help.

Zanu PF’s spokesperson in South Africa Kennedy Mandaza
Zanu PF’s spokesperson in South Africa Kennedy Mandaza

South Africa has installed stiff measures to arrest people who violate its lockdown orders to contain the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

In an interview with SA media on Sunday, Mandaza said it was easier for Zimbabweans living abroad to apply for food aid while at home than away.

He added that once they cross the border, these people would undergo a 21 day quarantine to make sure that they are screened and tested for Covid-19.

“Even though there are other options like applying for food aid for Zimbabweans living in South Africa during this lockdown, the form of assistance which is a possibility is repatriation because they can engage with others that can assist them back home.

“We are quite confident that the embassy which represents Zimbabwe here in South Africa will undertake all the necessary measures to make sure that those Zimbabweans that are repatriated will get home safely.

“Upon crossing the border into Zimbabwe, they will be quarantined for a period of 21 days to make sure that they are screened and tested in case there might be those who might be affected by the virus.

Mandaza said the quarantine process was clean and effective.

“The process is clean, and it can be followed through to ensure that Zimbabweans that need to get home get there safely,” Mandaza added.

Since the outbreak of Covid-19 infections in South Africa last month, their numbers have risen to over 3 000 with over 50 deaths recorded. 

Meanwhile, Zimbabwe has recorded 25 Covid-19 cases including 3 deaths and two recoveries.