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I am a village girl: Madam Boss

By Freeman Makopa

Madam Boss — as Tyra Chikocho (35) is popularly known— is a trending Zimbabwean comedian slowly carving her name on the country’s entertainment circuit.

Madam Boss
Madam Boss

A professional beauty therapist who started off as a gospel musician, sharing the stage with top acts including Shingisai Suluma and Kudzi Nyakudya, she has, however, attracted a huge following in her role as a comedian. She is married to Ngonidzaishe and they are parents to Mikayla Munetswa. She speaks to NewsDay Weekender Life & Style…

Working with hubby

When we started commercialising my talent in 2016, it was his (husband’s) idea. He understands the business world better than me so that is why he came on board. I was just doing skits for fun and he gave me the business idea of it. He does all the management and administration.

It is true working with your spouse is a challenge but for us, it is now easy since we managed to separate our marriage from work. He is my husband at home but when it comes to work, he is my boss, so I respect him accordingly.

We met under completely different circumstances, we never dreamt of being in the arts industry together. I was in the industry already as a musician, but my husband had a good job doing something else completely different.

I never thought that one day we would both be acting and entertaining people in the arts industry. We thank God for that because our way is not God’s way. I thank God we met, we are working together and it is a super combination.

A bossy woman?

The name Madam Boss came from a fan due to my bossy character in our first season with Merinda.

Madam Boss off stage

Apart from skits, I like socialising with my family, playing with my daughter. Ndoda nyaya (I love chatting), telling people how I grew up, happy and sad moments of my childhood and also watching television.

My fans think I am never serious, but I also take serious things seriously. I am a village girl. I also have serious times with my family, doing my traditional duties as a wife and mother. I have a rural background although people think I am always slaying on Instagram and Facebook.

People judge me by my appearances, but I am completely different. Those who know me personally understand me better.

Extended family

They are really supportive, I appreciate the moral support that I receive from them; it is really amazing. They keep me going and they give me advice that is positive and constructive. NewsDay