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Ginimbi’s live Instagram shows a hit

At a time that people are stuck at home with pretty much no entertainment, socialites like Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure, are making sure that people from across the globe, are well entertained during the lockdown.

King Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure
Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure

Before the lockdown, Ginimbi, who rose to fame after the hosting of his All-White birthday parties, had been entertaining people with his “My life your TV” live shows on his Instagram page. Here, he would invite people to converse with him and often poke fun at them, entertaining people in the process.

Just last week, he took a dig at gospel musician, Mudiwa asking him how he was benefitting from being handsome.

This weekend, Ginimbi turned up the heat by hosting a “twerking” dance off competition on his new Instagram page – therealginimbi. Here, he invited those interested in dancing to participate for a R5 000 prize.

Upon going live, thousands of people flocked to Ginimbi’s page and in no time, there were over 9 000 people waiting to watch the dance off. However, Ginimbi seemed to have some problems with his connectivity as it took ages for him to connect the dancers to his live. But when this was rectified, the show was definitely on.

An American contestant by the name Juujitsu provided stiff competition which likely deterred others from competing because after her act, the dancers started backtracking. Another who had danced just before Juujitsu and failed to impress judges and the audience, requested to compete again and she just got an additional point from the two points she had received initially from most judges as her act was below standard.

At the end, after realising the other contestants had chickened out, the American contestant was adjudged the winner and received US$1 000 instead of the R5 000 as she went an extra mile.

Some however said it was unfair for the American to be given the prize as she seemed to be a professional erotic dancer.

Commenting on this, Ginimbi said: “The show was open to anyone. Everyone was free to join. Those who feel cheated can contest again this coming Saturday as we have another competition.”

Over and above, the show which was witnessed by the likes of Sandra Ndebele and a lot of socialites from the city provided a different kind of entertainment, something which is needed during this tough time when there is not much exciting stuff.

During lockdown, people have embraced social media as most of the “fun” activities are taking place there. Other than Ginimbi, there are a series of lockdown parties taking place on Facebook and Instagram. The likes of Babongile Sikhonjwa and friends, DJ Mzoe and Reverb 7 among other DJs are among those conducting such parties. The Chronicle

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