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Remittance queues a breeding ground for coronavirus in Zimbabwe

By Zvikomborero Parafini

Remittance queues are a breeding ground for the lethal coronavirus as beneficiaries are not observing social distancing.

Remittance queues
Remittance queues

Following authorisation from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, on Wednesday most Money Transfer Agencies were back in business and long queues were the order of the day.

The queues though long were being cleared timeously because the banks were open to deal with remittance beneficiaries only and not any other business.

MTAs that operate from their own banking halls were mostly full yesterday with a lot of people in winding queues outside.

While they were having their hands sanitised before entering the premises, most of the people in those outlets were not observing social distancing in the queues standing close to each other.

MTAs that operate from banks were better in terms of social distancing as they were seen leaving a space of one meter between each other standing in queues awaiting their turn to collect their remittances.

Retired Reverend Stewart Mungate who is a remittance beneficiary said they were happy to receive their remittances but were exercising caution to protect themselves from acquiring the disease.

“Money that my children were sending me had accumulated and I am happy to be able to collect it, money is available and the tellers are trying to be quick to ensure that we don’t spend too much time, we are at risk as some people don’t comply with the regulations of social distancing,” said Mungate. H Metro