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Lockdown arrests continue

By Arron Nyamayaro

Twenty-two people were on Saturday arrested for liquor related offences and the number of arrests for various offences since the beginning of the 21-day national lockdown has risen to 1918.

Police has noted with concern the movements of people from one place to another without having exemption documents urging the nation to comply with the national lockdown call to avoid the spreading of coronavirus (COVID-19).

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed the arrests saying among the arrested people were 179 for traffic offences.

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police continue to urge people to stay at home as a measure to curb the spreading of COVID-19,” said Ass-Comm Nyathi.

“Police have arrested 1918 people since the beginning of the 21 national lockdown and among them were 106 people arrested for unnecessary movements and 39 for gathering at public places.

“We are urging people to adhere to government directive to stay at home and avoid unnecessary movements as well gathering for parties at homes in a way to maintain social distances.

“Police also arrested 47 people for opening their businesses without being given exemption documents and 14 were arrested for moving from one place to the other including towns without varied reasons,” said Ass-Comm Nyathi. H Metro