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Let’s diversify – Sandra Ndebele

By Trust Khosa

Sandra Ndebele reckons the 21-day national lockdown period has come as a lesson to artists that there is need to diversify.

Dancer-cum-singer Sandra Ndebele
Dancer-cum-singer Sandra Ndebele (Precision Photography)

She said multi-tasking was important to avoid being stranded when misfortune visits, especially during this period when the coronavirus (Covid-19) has left many grounded.

Covid-19 has claimed thousands world over and President Mnangagwa called for a three-week lockdown period to curb the spread of the virus.

However, the exercise for people to stay indoors will save lives but some would be stranded as they had not prepared for such eventualities.

Speaking to H-Metro from her base in Khumalo, Bulawayo, the former IYASA member said it was high time artists look beyond their respective disciplines for survival.

“It’s high time that as artists we look for other ways to raise money to sustain ourselves because live performances are not enough these days.

“In my case, I am a chicken (poultry) farmer and I am also into buying and selling which have managed to sustain me and my family.

“Of course this is a natural disaster nobody expected but it has come as a lesson to everybody that we don’t need to lay our eggs in one basket,” she said.

Asked how she was spending her time at home, Sandra said:

“I usually play games with my three children aged 10, eight and four at home.

“I also spend much of my time looking for new recipes to ensure I cook for my children so that they don’t get bored by staying indoors.

“I have also explained to them why I am keeping them indoors and they do understand the situation were are in which calls for us to stay locked up indoors.”

On her advice fans who look up to her, she was blunt:

“Just stay indoors as stipulated by the WHO regulations, health experts and what our President ordered.

“If we defy those orders, the consequences will be severe and I think you all know what happened to Italy where people are dying after defying the Government directives.

“I’m confident this thing will pass but if we are reckless I am sure we are going to perish.

“I therefore urge people to be obedient and save lives rather than being reckless.”

Asked how she was sustaining her band members, she said:

“When I hold live shows, I usually perform with session musicians so I don’t have instrumentalists on my payroll.

“I pay them as and when we hold a show which makes my life easier.

“Working with session musicians has also helped me a lot because they really understand the situation better.

“Some of these guys have other means of survival so all is well on my side.”

However, Sandra said the Covid-19 pandemic has also stalled some of her projects but was hopeful normalcy will prevail soon.

“By the way, we were coming from our annual break as artistes which saw some of us resuming shows in February but we had to cut short the new season due to Coronavirus.

“It will be difficult for some to recover because we need to cover a lot of ground,’ he added. H-Metro