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Harrison to give players a break

By Tadious Manyepo

Highlanders coach, Mark Harrison, is aware of the shortcomings which need urgent redress in his team.

Mark Harrison
Mark Harrison

But, he will be de-congesting their training programme to reduce boredom, in the initial phases of the 60-day coronavirus-enforced season delay.

The 2020 season, which was supposed to get underway last weekend, was shelved for, at least, two months after the Premier Soccer League took heed of President Mnangagwa’s ban on gatherings of more than 100 people.

Top-flight teams had geared for the start of the new season before the Covid-19 pandemic quickly spread to African countries, leaving authorities with no option but to ban congregations that attract big crowds.

And Highlanders have moved to adopt a flexible routine, which will minimise burn-out, but keeps the players in good shape.

Harrison told The Herald he has already started implementing the new strategy crafted to retain the players’ sharpness for matches.

“We have changed our training programme otherwise the players will get bored, burn out and lose focus,’’ said Harrison.

“So, we are going to reduce the intensity in the first two or three weeks of the break before we return to our normal training regime in the run-up to the season kick-off.

“We just need to keep working on the team’s shape, on the way we play, try to improve in all departments and make sure we have confidence in what we do.”

The English gaffer was given a reminder of the challenges that come with coaching Bosso when his team lost 0-2 to FC Platinum in a Castle Challenge Cup match.

There was chaos at Barbourfields with some Bosso hooligans targeting the FC Platinum fans with missiles.

But, Harrison, who has signed a handful of players since joining the side in January, has pleaded with the fans to be united as he attempts to win the league title.

“To the (Highlanders) supporters, I want to promise them that every game that we are going to play, we will be trying to win,’’ he said.

“The players I have at my disposal are able to perform and we might make it at the end but, then, it’s a long way to go.

“We must keep improving and I foresee them happy at the end, we need to keep on pushing.

“I think this break gives me more time to know the players better.” The Herald