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Jah Prayzah fires warning shots

By Kundai Marunya

Celebrated musician Jah Prayzah’s new release “Hokoyo” is a poser of a great album to follow.

A scene from Jah Prayzah latest video “Hokoyo” from the upcoming album
A scene from Jah Prayzah latest video “Hokoyo” from the upcoming album

The new video released yesterday is the title track of the musician’s forthcoming album to be released on April 3.

The song’s lyrics are about a father’s advice to his child.

Befittingly, it also stars Jah Prayzah’s son Mukudzei Mukombe Jr.

“Hokoyo”, released with accompanying visuals, directed by Blaqs, is a blend song of beautiful colours on traditionally inspired outfits.

It brings harmony to two very different time frames, a Zulu inspired dressing representing the past, and a splash of African print clothing designs representing the present.

The song brings out the heavily traditional sound, and to match the narrative, the musician appears to be possessed during some dance routines.

The inclusion of modern instrumentation, fusing with traditional drums, makes the song unique.

“Hokoyo” is a warning shot to many who assumed Jah Prayzah had lost his magical touch, especially after his earlier release “Asante” failed to impress.

Just an hour after release, the song had amassed over 15 000 hits on YouTube, with over 2 000 likes and 65 dislikes.

The comment section is awash with praises for the musician.

“In a generation that is increasingly shunning our African traditional culture, I want to thank you Jah Prayzah for constantly reminding us how beautiful our culture is,” commented Talent Hwandih.

But some said the song is just too average and Jah Prayzah should maintain his identity, rather than trying out new things.

“It seems he shot the video under pressure, trying to market the song and at the same time album,” said one music critic who commented anonymously.

“The video has good visuals and is colourful, but the song is lukewarm, maybe we would need more time to listen to it, but the good thing is that it accompanies a video so you can relate.

“Again, Jah Prayzah should rekindle his romance with yesteryear fans, how he started to where he is now should be consistent.” The Herald