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Sungura Masters’ leader cheats death

By Bongani Ndlovu

While still celebrating their win at the Dancers’ Association of Zimbabwe Awards at the weekend, Sungura Masters’ leader Masotha Nzou cheated death on Monday after a haulage truck he was in overturned in Entumbane, Bulawayo.

The truck in which Masotha Nzou (insert) was travelling in when it overturned in Entumbane
The truck in which Masotha Nzou (insert) was travelling in when it overturned in Entumbane

The accident that occurred in the afternoon left Masotha battered and bruised with cuts and bumps on his head and legs.

The dancer said he was going home after rehearsals in Mpopoma and boarded his neighbour’s truck.

“The guy who drives the haulage truck is my neighbour. He saw me looking for transport koD Square and offered to take me home. I hopped onto the truck and as we were headed towards the curve nearing koNhlalo, he failed to negotiate it. As there was a heavy load, the weight in the trailers caused the truck top to tip over,” said Masotha.

“My head was banged up and my leg too. I’m still in pain as I speak.”

He said residents who saw the incident unfold came to their rescue and assisted them to get out of the overturned truck.

As if the accident was not enough, Masotha said a swarm of bees descended on them moments later.

“The driver had some yoghurts he had bought in South Africa. As a result of the accident, they were strewn all over and lo and behold, a swarm of bees came and started stinging us.

“I don’t know where they came from but luckily for us, people had removed us from the truck and we managed to run away,” said Masotha.

He said he did not wait for police to attend the scene and instead called a taxi to take him to the doctor.

The doctor, Masotha said removed shards of glass from his head and bandaged him. He then requested him to rest for some days and return to the dancefloor when he feels better. The Chronicle