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Aspiring musicians dazzle Macheso

By Kundai Marunya

Aspiring musicians from Enterprise Primary School in Shamva were showered with praises after giving a spectacular performance of sungura music legend Alick Macheso’s song “Charakupa”.

Sungura maestro Alick Macheso unveiling an ECD block at his former school Enterprise Primary in Shamva. pictures by Nyasha Chawatama
Sungura maestro Alick Macheso unveiling an ECD block at his former school Enterprise Primary in Shamva. pictures by Nyasha Chawatama

The group of six students, who were once part of same school which was also attended by Macheso during his childhood, were performing in front of thousands of guests who graced a handover ceremony of an Early Childhood Development block built by the veteran musician in partnership with Enhanced Mortgaging and Housing Africa (EMHA) yesterday.

The performing students did their primary education at Enterprise Primary School, but are now doing their early secondary education at a nearby school.

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The students delivered well-choreographed moves which featured Macheso’s signature Borrowdale dance in front of a cheering crowd that included music promoters, business people and members of the community.

It was musician Simon Mutambi who first appreciated the group when he rushed to the stage with a bunch of cash notes, throwing them at the dancers’ feet.

His initiative was followed by several members of the audience who kept on throwing money for the duration of the performance.

One of the dancers, Aaron Luwisani, a Form One student, was called back on stage after his outstanding dance moves.

He danced solo to the same song and pocketed a few more dollars.

Luwisani said he aspires to follow a career in music.

“I am inspired by Alick Macheso and I hope to one day follow his footsteps in the industry,” he said.

Macheso called for support for young artistes.

“I used to be beaten to stop playing my makeshift guitar,” he said. “Many times my guitar was broken because it was made from twine I would steal from my grandmother’s fishing rod.

“I was even banned from eating fish because I continued stealing from the rod that was used to catch them, that’s why today my favourite dish is okra which I was then forced to consume when others were eating fish.

“It is important to support these young stars, don’t discourage them. I believe if I had been supported I would have made it earlier in life and I stand as a testament that art can earn one a living and even be successful.”

Music promoters Patson Chimboza and Josh Hozheri pledged their support in nurturing the young musicians.

Meanwhile, the community and guests celebrated Macheso’s initiative in remembering his roots.

Narrating how the building initiative came about, EMHA finance director Dr Cathrine Muchechetere said it was something inspired by the musician.

“Our chairman was having an informal conversation with our Brand Ambassador Alick Macheso when he expressed his aspiration of giving back to his community,” she said.

“It was then that we discussed more on the issue and now the building stands here. I commend Macheso for being selfless because some people would request something that benefit themselves.”

Members of the School Development Committee (SDC) requested the project to be extended into an infant centre to be named after Macheso. The Herald