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Mukupe says Chamisa would beat bungling Mnangagwa in snap election

By Nyashadzashe Ndoro

A leaked audio recording features former Deputy Finance Minister Terence Mukupe hammering President Emmerson Mnangagwa as having done nothing since he came to power and that the bungling Zanu PF leader would lose a snap election to opposition leader Nelson Chamisa.

Terrence Mukupe (Picture by NewsDay)
Terrence Mukupe (Picture by NewsDay)

Mukupe,  a former Harare East MP argued that ZANU PF was not using its own constitution which makes it hard for the ruling party to observe the rule of law at national level. Mukupe said ZANU PF was at its “weakest” point with the regime failing to turn around the economy.

“I probably feel our party is at weakest right now.

“Last election, HE won with 300 000 votes and when you look at the demography of the people that voted for ZANU PF, it was more of the old guard, people who are 40 years plus.

“Think about it, over the next five years how many people would have died? Do you realise that every elderly person who dies is ZANU PF because chances are nine times over ten, everyone who is over 50 years is ZANU PF,” Mukupe said.

The former minister has claimed that most Zimbabweans, especially the youths have put their hopes in the main opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) leader Chamisa.

“When you look on the other end of the spectrum, all new voters coming are youths and the way things are in Zimbabwe, the hardships, chances are nine over ten they vote for MDC.

“The way our party (ZANU PF) is structured is in such a way that we are supposed to vote for the first secretary yet he or she would have been already imposed and you’re just asked to stand up and dispute. Who is going to stand up?.

“And that person chosen to be first secretary has now absolute powers to choose the entire Politburo and that system works if the person belongs to you.

“I prefer a situation in South Africa whereby every seat is contested for. So you end up having balance. Look at ANC, it is with Ramaphosa people and Zuma people and this keeps checks and balances in the party,” added Mukupe.

Mukupe castigated the ZANU PF Politburo for dumping party its own constitution when it suspended former youth leaders Lewis Matutu and Godfrey Tsenengamu for claiming some top businessmen like Kuda Tagwirei, linked to the ruling party, were corrupt.

“Look at what happened in Harare, they just dissolved structures. There is no branch in Harare, there is no constitution to follow. Look at the issue of Tsenengamu, we might not agree with the way they raised issues but how do we have a situation where the Politburo just fire a member without following its own constitution.

“If we do not have constitutionalism in our party, how then can we have it at national level.

“With the gap of 300 000, if we go to election today, Chamisa against ED, Chamisa will win in daylight,” Mukupe said.

Meanwhile, writing on his Facebook handle this week Tsenengamu said he does not see where he and Matutu wronged the party.

Tsenengamu defied the ruling party directive to go to the Chitepo School of Ideology.

“I do not see where we wronged the party. They said we flouted procedure yet they are the ones who tampered with the party constitution by failing to serve us with formal communication and give us an opportunity to defend our position before a disciplinary committee,” Tsenengamu said.

Zimbabwe is facing its worst economic crisis in a decade, characterised by a critical shortage of hard currency triggering increases in prices of basic goods, shortages of medicine and fuel.

Hopes of economic recovery under Mnangagwa continue to fade amidst a spiralling political and economic crisis that has created biting poverty. 

Mukupe admitted his party, ZANU PF has done “nothing” to bring the country out economic mess.

He blamed Mnangagwa for appointing incompetent members to lead the ruling party.

“The economy is not pumping, there is nothing that we have done in the last three years we have been in power that an ordinary person can point out and say ZANU PF did this with new dispensation. There is nothing.

“If you look at the entire Politburo, if the entire leadership is subjected to an election, no one will be voted in.

“Oppah Muchinguri did not win primary election. Who will vote for Obert Mpofu or Chinamasa? But these are the people in the leadership of the party because they are under the protection of Mnangagwa,” he added. Nehanda Radio