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Zim activist blames Zanu PF for dramatic arrest by UK anti-terror police

By Nyashadzashe Ndoro

United Kingdom based Zimbabwean activist William Martin Chinyanga has accused ZANU PF of instigating his arrest by British anti-terror police adding that the ruling party wanted to hoodwink the international community into believing everything was okay in Zimbabwe.

United Kingdom based Zimbabwean activist William Martin Chinyanga
United Kingdom based Zimbabwean activist William Martin Chinyanga

Chinyanga claimed about 20 police officers had raided his house at around 5am on Tuesday and arrested him on terrorism charges following a video he released in December last year encouraging people to burn down service stations and businesses in Harare.

Chinyanga was released on bail and barred from going within 100 metres of the Zimbabwean Embassy in London.

Responding to the arrest and allegations, Chinyanga claimed it was the second time he was banned from going near the Zimbabwean Embassy.

Chinyanga said his activism was in solidarity with many Zimbabweans as they fight for a better economy in a dictatorial environment.

“I was once banned to go near the Zimbabwean Embassy some time ago and from nowhere this is it again.

“My ordeal today was a very bad ordeal. Traumatising events happening for me and my family just because I’m standing for justice in Zimbabwe.

“I’m standing for human rights in Zimbabwe.

“I’m not standing for terrorism, I’m standing for the people of Zimbabwe to get their bread, to get good life,” Chinyanga said in a video that went viral on Facebook yesterday.

Chinyanga claimed the terrorism allegations were superheaded by ZANU PF.

“Whoever is doing it, whoever is tracking me and whoever has gone to my Facebook, my Twitter and everything, I know they are ZANU PF people,” Chinyanga said.

During his prosecution, Chinyanga claimed to have told the UK court that allegations were being laid by ZANU PF.

He urged the courts to understand the real situation in Zimbabwe

“Do you know Zimbabwe? Don’t you want to have somebody who can give you the country guidance not these things from home office of immigration? To give you the real situation in Zimbabwe then you come.

“The person you asked about Zimbabwe was ZANU PF because ZANU PF children are the ones working in Embassies,” Chinyanga added.

Part of the bail conditions for Chinyanga read:

“Not to post or support acts of violence online. To sign on at Islington Police Station every Sunday between 1400hrs and 1800hrs. No to approach/enter Zimbabwe Embassy or surrounding streets namely The Strand, Agar, William the 4th Street.” Nehanda Radio