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Drunk wife clobbers soldier hubby

By Hazel Marimbiza

A SOLDIER left many hearts sore and eyes teary when he revealed that he is tired of being beaten up by his wife who always comes back home drunk and in the company of men.

This came out at the Bulawayo magistrates’ court when Noel Moyo of Pelandaba West said in most instances his wife Nhlalwenhle Mqawana also assaults him with dangerous weapons so he decided to seek a protection order from the courts.

“I am applying for a peace order against my wife who is in the habit of assaulting me with dangerous weapons. She uses vulgar language, threatens me with death and is always coming home drunk and in the company of males,” said Moyo.

He added: “When I ask her why she tortures me she threatens me with death. I work in Harare and most times whenever I delay to come home I get beaten by her.

“I am tired of being bitter, threatened, abused verbally and emotionally in the presence of my children. I am in the army and I do not want to take things into my hands so may the court grant me a peace order against this abusive woman.”

Magistrate Urgent Vundla granted an interim order pending a final decision. B Metro