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56 women to launch “Being God’s Daughter” devotional in the UK

Over 56 women across the globe have collaborated to author a 365-Day Devotional Book aimed at reframing the mind-sets of other women and bridging the gap into excellence.

Vonayi Nyamazana (right) seen here with one of the co-authors Monica Manatse (left)
Vonayi Nyamazana (right) seen here with one of the co-authors Monica Manatse (left)

The Devotional is titled “Being God’s Daughter” which is going to be launched on Saturday the 22nd of February 2020 at The Lytton restaurant in Chalfont St Peter, Buckinghamshire, UK.

The Devotional is an offshoot of “Daddy’s Girls, which started out as a WhatsApp group before progressing into a global movement that encompasses women from different nationalities.

“This gives us diversity and a uniqueness that sets us apart. We are not a church nor are we affiliated to any political party. We are non-denominational,” Vonayi Nyamazana, founder of Daddy’s Girls and compiler of the Devotional, told Nehanda Radio

“Our common denominator is our love for all things God. To top it all we are like minded, we are leaders in our areas of influence. Amongst us we have businesswomen, ministers of the gospel, mothers, wives, sisters and grandparents.”

She said it all started as a WhatsApp group where the members shared motivational posts.

“It was at the end of 2017 and the WhatsApp group had been running for a year. The quality of the posts shared was of a high standard such that we did not want the posts to be buried in the past years.

“My idea at the time was to create a scrapbook that would be distributed to each of the women on the group. After a few attempts at creating the first scrapbook, I found the process overwhelming.

“It was too much work and there was no way I was going to be able to do 70 of them. Why? Because I was racing against time, I wanted to get them ready for our annual meeting which was at the beginning of December 2017 but it just was not going to happen.”

“However, God had His own plan. One of the Daddy’s Girls had it impressed in her heart that the WhatsApp chats were to be put into a book. That is exactly how we started collating the information leading to where we are today… a book launch.” Vonayi said.

What should people look forward to in the Devotional?

“The book is packed with daily inspiration. A refreshing pick- me- up for each day of the week…January to December. The Devotional is segmented into days. We have: Motivational Monday, Tenacity Tuesday, Wealthy Wednesday, Thankful Thursday and Family Friday.”

“I could elaborate more on the messages for each day but I would rather keep our readers in suspense” said Vonayi with a chuckle.

“Although we started on social Media, we are not just another group or platform. We have a global presence driven by our unified purpose. This is why our launch is not limited to the UK only. Currently we are preparing for launches in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Malawi.”

“The launch has maxed out on 40 of our ladies. The restaurant only takes a maximum of 40. So, that’s how many people we are expecting to be at the launch on Saturday,” Vonayi said.

Who is the book for?

“It is for every woman, for leaders, for ministers and for those in business. It is designed to encourage, equip and release women into their purpose.

“I encourage our men, the husbands, fathers, brothers and uncles to also buy this amazing book for their loved ones. It is a timeless book, a book for life,” she said. Nehanda Radio