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Chamisa refuses to be associated with “dirty man” Tagwirei – VIDEO

By Nyashadzashe Ndoro

The main opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) leader Nelson Chamisa has rejected as untrue, claims that fuel tycoon and Sakunda Holdings boss Kudakwashe Tagwirei bought him a car, adding that the “dirty man” was nowhere near the MDC.

Nelson Chamisa and Kudakwashe Tagwirei
Nelson Chamisa and Kudakwashe Tagwirei

Speaking to the media in Harare on Wednesday, the opposition leader said Tagwirei has no capacity of buying him. Chamisa described his understanding of politics as beyond personal issues.

“Some of us are too expensive to buy. We can only be bought by asking the will of the people of Zimbabwe not goods.

“Those people who are making those allegations are people who think that politics is about material things and that when you get a car, a seat or a stand then that is the definition of politics.

“For some of us, politics is defined beyond personal issues. I’m an advocate, a real advocate. I earn a salary and I work for my things so I would not want to be bribed by a dirty man.

“Tagwirei is a dirty man. I have no contact with Tagwirei. I have problems with the way he does politics. I’m not capturable. I’m not a person who would be found in those things.

“Yes I drive a landcruiser but certainly a second hand landcruiser which we actually bought at a car sell. We are a modest party.

“We don’t go for those lofty things. You will never see us driving those expensive cars that you are alleging because we don’t believe in those things.

“Tagwirei is nowhere near MDC. I have seen something that was written to say that he gave coupons to the MDC,” Chamisa said.

This comes after MDC-T spokesperson, Khaliphani Phugeni sensationally claimed that he had evidence that Tagwirei bought Chamisa a landcruiser in 2020.

Chamisa said MDC is sponsored through thick and thin by its supporters and its officials do not earn salaries.

“This party is sponsored by its members and its supporters. If you ask MDC people they will tell you that they have been supporting the party in difficult circumstances.

“The president of the party does not earn a salary nor does a Secretary General even any member of the standing committee.

“We all don’t earn salaries and we don’t need to because it’s a people’s project. We are doing this for our country,” Chamisa added.

Chamisa slammed former minister of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare Patrick Zhuwao for claiming he supported the MDC campaign citing that the party was too big and open for everyone.

“I saw somewhere where Zhuwao claimed that he supported the campaign.

“The tragedy of politics is that, unlike anywhere, the player does not choose supporters. I can’t be going and saying you can’t support me, you can’t vote for me.

“I had 2.6 million votes. MDC does not have that number of people.

So clearly some were ZANU PF, some are from Mnangagwa’s family, some are from Mugabe’s family but, I can’t be saying don’t vote for us because we don’t believe in your politics. It’s about numbers.

“Any support as long as that support does not contaminate our ideological purity, our strategic policy direction we will not worry about that.

“We are a big party, so we have big support from all corners but certainly not this kind of thing,” added Chamisa.

Chamisa refused to be associated with cartels.

“Go and ask Tagwirei, he knows that we have certain alleges. Oil and water can’t mix,” Chamisa added. Nehanda Radio