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Court varies Muchakazi bail conditions

By Zvikomborero Parafini

The Ministry of Defence and War Veterans’ director of procurement, who is accused of creating fake invoices duping the ministry of $306 135, yesterday had one of his bail conditions varied.

Peter Muchakazi (left)
Peter Muchakazi (left)

Peter Muchakazi and his Mervyn Madondo who is employed as an accountant in the Ministry of Defence appeared before Harare regional magistrate Hosea Mujaya.

Representing Muchakazi, Rekai Maposa applied to have the fourth bail condition that prohibited him for reporting at his workplace, the Defence House relaxed.

Mujaya queried why he wanted to visit the Defence House where there was the risk of interference with the witnesses, who are also employed at the same premises to which Maposa said there’s a letter from the employer, Civil Service Commission distancing itself from the allegations.

“The employer has indicated that he’s ceasing his salary because he is not involved in the issues and should go to work because he is not on suspension,” said Maposa.

Madondo’s lawyer associated himself to Maposa’s submissions and went on to accuse the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission for failing to co-ordinate the involved stakeholders and come up with a recognizable complainant.

The state, represented by Netsai Mushayabasa conceded to the application but suggested that he reports to the Civil Service Commission so that he may be advised of his new duties.

Allegations are that from March to June last year, the two in connivance with Danison Muvandi who is on the run planned to steal from the ministry through a misrepresentation of facts purporting that the ministry had received cleaning services from Maids on Wheels when in actual fact no such services had been rendered.

The court heard that Muchakazi contrary to his duties, fraudulently sourced fake invoices purportedly to be from Maids on Wheels which added up to RTGS$306 135 as if they had offered cleaning services at the Defence House.

The State further alleged that Muchakazi then originated a loose minute dated June 19 2019, addressed to the Director of Finance, Danson Muvandi the owner to Maids on Wheels accounts which was supposed to be prepared by the Procurement Management Unit and attached the five fake invoices.

The fake details caused the processing of the payments without Muchakazi attaching the required award of tender letter, specifying the job done signed by the chairman of procurement management unit.

On June 20, Madondo posted the payments requested to the Chief Accountant Jekiseni Musekwa who made the payment.

Investigations carried out revealed that no requisition was raised by the Procurement management unit for cleaning services neither was there a tender awarded to Maids On Wheels.

Muchakazi was released on $5000 bail while Madondo was released on $3000 bail, the two were ordered not to interfere with State witnesses and to report three times a week at their nearest police stations.

Magistrate Mapfumo also ordered the duo not to visit the Defence House unless they are accompanied by the investigating officer.

The matter was remanded to February 13 when the duo is set to apply for further variations of their bail conditions. H-Metro