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Resolutions, dreams and visions for 2020 are like new babies – feed them

By Yaya Rudo

I cannot believe the lemonade makers column is a year old. I am grateful for total strangers who have come into my life as a result of this writing space. Happy first birthday lemonade makers I raise my glass to the first birthday.

Yaya Rudo
Yaya Rudo

The excitement of a new year, new start is upon us. It is marvellous to watch. Every other person is positive and working on all their 101 new year resolutions.

The men and women around me are all on some kind of diet and vigorous training program. The youth are looking for social media fame once more while others sound serious about their entrepreneurial endeavours. It is a good season to be alive.

We must not forget; new beginnings are exactly that – BEGINNINGS! No matter how painful and long the labour is you do not leave your new baby in the maternity ward.

The new life needs you, everything is timed and planned even going to the shops is all calculated – it has to be when the new baby is sleeping. You need to be there to feed the baby, burp the baby and change nappies. New beginnings demand order, small and big changes to your life. It cannot be business as usual. You want the baby to grow he has basic needs – know them and keep up.

Just like new life – New ideas, objectives, dreams and all vision 2020 things need to be fed, protected and cared for way after the euphoria of having new things wears off. The ideas and plans for 2020 can only be brought to life by you.

You have the responsibility to take every single resolution to the next stage of life. A few days ago, my brother Bullies Makamure was questioning why some people have so many resolutions for only 365 days. Some of us have resolution backlog dating back to 2015! We birthed brilliant ideas and plans back then and left them in the maternity ward.

After a year of sharing lemonade makers should know that we all look good when things are going our way. Real lemonade makers are the ones who continue to push when the excitement is over – when no one is watching.

Will you still be eating healthy in March let alone July. Are the daily walks and gym a January thing? Will the Christmas spirit of giving survive January or we only give at Christmas?

Lemonade makers do not need an audience, they are patient when no one is watching, kind and generous in and out of season. Lemonade makers do not just birth ideas, they back them up with action plans. I raise my glass to lemonade makers in 2020. Happy birthday lemonade makers

2020 Powered by more grace and mercy

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