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No donations received from Fifa

By Sikhumbuzo Moyo

ZIFA has not received any donation of football equipment from Fifa since 2016, officials from Zurich, Switzerland have confirmed.

ZIFA president Felton Kamambo
ZIFA president Felton Kamambo

Social media had been awash with claims that Zifa president Felton Kamambo and his executive committee that came into office on December 16, 2017, had received footballs and other equipment from the governing body and had not distributed them to intended beneficiaries.

There were also conflicting statements recently over some equipment that Zifa donated to some of its affiliates, with reports suggesting the equipment was sourced by the previous executive from Fifa, while Zifa refuted the claims.

However, in an emailed response to Chronicle Sport inquiries, Fifa said no such equipment was donated to Zifa.

“Since 2016, Fifa has not made any donations of football equipment to Zifa. As with all members, associations which qualify for solidarity funding, Zifa has access to yearly funding from Fifa to purchase equipment. For details concerning how Zifa has been using this funding, please contact Zifa,” said Fifa .

The solidarity funding from Fifa that Zifa is entitled to is part of the Fifa Forward 2.0 programme that will see Zifa receiving a total of US$6 million in a four-year cycle from 2019 to 2022 to support operational needs and development projects whilst an additional US$1 million shall be allocated to those member associations with an annual revenue of US$4 million or less in order to support their travel and equipment needs.

Fifa will also provide an additional US$1million per year for operational costs, with a further US$500 000 set to be released in January in each of the four-year cycle for day-to-day activities, administration and running costs.

A further US$500 000 will be dispatched to each of the 211 associations in July each year provided that the member association fulfils up to 10 specific activities during the year (US$ 50 000 per activity).

According to Fifa, the activities include but are not limited to, organising men’s, women’s and youth competitions (two age groups for both girls and boys) and each competition should involve at least 10 clubs for at least 90 matches and for at least six months each year.

Having active men’s, women’s and youth national teams, each one participating in at least four matches per year, having a functioning and regularly updated IT player registration and competition management system (provided free of charge by Fifa if needed) and having men’s and women’s refereeing programmes.

“US$2 million shall be provided over the period of the whole 2019-2022 cycle for projects tailored according to the member association’s approved contract of agreed objectives, and in particular relating to football infrastructure (e.g. pitches, technical centres, training grounds, stadiums and headquarters).

“Projects may include other development areas provided that the member association has at least one stadium/pitch allowing international matches to be played, suitable association headquarters, and a functioning technical centre.

“Up to US$200 000 per year for travel and accommodation, and up to US$200 000 per four-year cycle for football equipment for those member associations needing the most assistance.

“A member association is identified as needing the most assistance provided that its annual revenue does not exceed US$4 million (reflected in the annual statutory audit report of the previous year and submitted to Fifa by 30 June each year),” says Fifa. The Chronicle