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CAPS Utd not pressing panic button

By Eddie Chikamhi

PREMIERSHIP football giants CAPS United have revealed they are not pressing the panic button despite losing key man Joel Ngodzo as they are set to restructure their management system and review their recruitment policy.

The luxury bus Nyasha Mushekwi bought for CAPS United
The luxury bus Nyasha Mushekwi bought for CAPS United

The Green Machine held an all-stakeholders meeting at the weekend where they agreed to adopt the modern professional approach in the running of their football business.

Makepekepe vice president Nhamo Tutisani said the gathering was in preparation for the club’s strategic meeting where they hope to come up with a blueprint that should guide them going into the future.

“We had a post-mortem of our performance in the 2019 season and from there we decided to restructure ourselves and pursue the commercial angle which we have talked about previously.

“We can’t be doing the same things over and over again and expect to see change,” said Tutisani.

CAPS United are still reeling from the disappointment of missing out on the league championship on the last day last season.

The meeting was attended by representatives from the clubs’ various departments — from the club’s presidium, business management, football management, the secretariat, supporters and volunteers

Tutisani said they needed long-term solutions to the challenges they are facing in the difficult economic environment. The vision is to transform Makepekepe into a business entity that is able to sustain itself.

“The meeting was also about looking at the things that can make us a successful club going into the future. We had a performance analysis for the team and we managed to establish the various factors that let us down in the championship race.

“We also looked at our transfer policy, the team’s demographic structure and the need to balance between youth and experience. But most importantly team chemistry, issues to do with the club’s philosophy.

“We all need to read from the same hymn book. Remember behind the players on the pitch there is also a team that works hard for the team to be what it is. So there were presentations from each department and we agreed on the way forward.

“We would like to tame misconduct be it from the players’ side, the officials, the supporters and all because it affects the team’s brand.

“If one department lags behind, it means a negative blow on the entire club’s brand. So we want all the stakeholders to move in the same direction. We will gather again for the strategic meeting, come up with an operational plan which will guide us into the season. By the time the team is assembled for the new season, I am sure we will be fully geared up,” said Tutisani.

CAPS United could have won the just-ended Premiership title had they played their cards well but they lost it on the last day to FC Platinum.

The Green Machine are already planning for next season and have signed two players talented players Leeroy Mavhunga from Yadah and ex-Harare City prodigy Tatenda Tumba. They have, however, lost one of their most prized assets Ngodzo, who was crowned Soccer Star of the Year in 2019. Ngodzo joined Zambian side Buildcon recently. They are also set to release a number of their senior players. The Herald