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Zifa dismiss Chizuzu claims

By Mehluli Sibanda

Social media blogger, Hope Chizuzu has suggested that Zifa could have lost thousands of dollars the football association should have received as electoral fees ahead of the December 2018 elections.

Journalist Hope Chizuzu
Journalist Hope Chizuzu

Chizuzu claims that some of those who contested in the election from the area zones all the way to the national poll did not pay their nomination fees, which if true would call into question the eventual election of Zifa president Felton Kamambo.

“All except members of the Premier Soccer League didn’t pay a cent into the Zifa elections account, managed by the Electoral Committee charged with running the crucial ballot.

“Ironically Zifa CEO, an ex-officio member of the EC produced receipts, which ideally are confirmation of payment,’’ posted Chizuzu.

Responding to Chizuzu’s claims, Zifa board member responsible for finance, Philemon Machana stated that there is no truth in that some of the candidates did not pay. Chizuzu claimed that even for those who paid, the funds did not reflect in the bank accounts and EcoCash.

Some of the candidates are said to have been reimbursed Machana’s response was that a simple audit of the Zifa accounts would indicate that the candidates paid what they were meant to pay.

“A simple audit would show that, you are given a receipt that you paid, he who alleges must prove, whoever says there is anyone that did not pay should prove that,’’ Machana said.

Zifa media and competitions manager Xolisani Gwesela said as far he is concerned, there is no one who contested without paying.

“We don’t respond to social media rumours, in as far as I know everyone paid, there is no one who didn’t paid, I am not aware of anyone who didn’t pay,’’ Gwesela said.

Northern Region acting chairman, Martin Kweza one of those said to have been refunded his nomination fee said there was no truth that he got his funds back.

“No one refunded money to me. I have on record the receipt from Zifa for the payment I made and I don’t have any record from Zifa for the said refund. It defeats all logic, to even think like that. If you recall, the one in charge of elections then wanted the seating leadership for both Northern and Southern to go.

“Fortunately for Northern we won the elections and if we had not paid, the leadership then would have said déjà vu and booted us out of football.

“How were we allowed to take part in those elections when we were not in good standing. Remember we were not in charge of the elections, it was the electoral committee,’’ Kweza said.

Central Region chairman Stanley Chapeta denied that he had not paid to contest in the elections.

“That’s not true. Zifa has records, have you ever seen or heard that the nomination form goes through without a receipt? Chapeta asked.

Bryton Malandule, a Zifa board member remarked that it was impossible for him to contest without paying since he was out of the structures at that time.

“I was outside the board, how would I have achieved that? It’s simple, you can ask Zifa accounts if they didn’t receive my money,” was Malandule’s response.

Former Zifa vice president, Omega Sibanda confirmed that he had paid to seek election.

“I paid to contest in the elections and what I can confirm is that Mamutse and Machana were in charge of that portfolio,’’ Sibanda said. Sunday News