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Express Links Christmas Box winners announced as year comes to a close

Express Links Money Transfer held the draw for the five winners of the company’s Christmas Box promotion on Friday 20th December and wrapped up the calendar year with the popular promotion putting the cap on a remarkable year for the financial services firm and their customers.

Express Links supporting the Zimbabwe Netball Team in the UK this year at the World Cup in Liverpool
Express Links supporting the Zimbabwe Netball Team in the UK this year at the World Cup in Liverpool

The Christmas Box competition draw was held live on Friday night hosted by Express Links Brand Ambassador King Alfred and Express Links Manager Glisabel Masango.

The five winners; were Joranda Muzandu Guuna, Lourens Tjirimuje, Edwill Hove, Albert Clemence Mafurutu and Saul Chiwara. They received £100 each (for the sender and same amount for the recipient) courtesy of Express Links.

The competition, among others which were run this year, were the company’s way of showing gratitude to the customers, with CEO Mr Peter Pembere acknowledging their customers among other partners and stakeholders.

“As our year comes to an end with this glorious promotion, here at Express Links we would like to express our gratitude to our customers, who are the mainstay of our business, expansion and their endorsement of our services have gone on to grow the family and challenged us to keep on going better in all we do,” he said.

“Our year would also not have been smooth without our hard working staff, who carry the Express Links name with pride and cheerfulness. The media has also been a constant supporter with coverage of our activities and not holding back valuable feedback at all times.

“Our partners and everyone who has shared the year with us, I say happy holidays to you all and look forward to a prosperous 2020.’’

The company capped off the fruitful year with their gift to the customers who participated by making a transaction minimum of £30 on the money transfer services as well as other competitions, but it remains business as usual for the company, with services open to people wanting to send money to their loved ones over the holidays.

They are also prominent supporters of various initiatives in arts and culture such as Mzansi Fest and Zimfest Live 2019 and national causes such as sponsoring the ZimGems with allowances during the Netball World Cup for the team’s duration in the tournament.

Express Links is a financial services firm based in London who also offer money transfer services to the continent with cash available for collection in countries such Zimbabwe, South Africa, Tanzania and Malawi, among other countries