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Sibanengi Dube: Why ED badly needs Chamisa’s recognition

By Sibanengi Dube

Why is Zanu PF’s Emmerson Mnangagwa so desperate to be recognized by Nelson Chamisa, leader of the MDC Alliance? ED’s state presidency has the recognition of his party, Political Actors (POLAD) Zimbabwe Electoral Commission and Courts.

Sibanengi Dube is a Zimbabwean journalist based in South Africa
Sibanengi Dube is a Zimbabwean journalist based in South Africa

Why is Chamisa’s stamp of approval so important to the regime? ED claims to have won the elections, so why doesn’t he proceed to rule in peace without sparing a thought for a ‘loser.’? Ndipo paya panozonzi chitonga tivone.

What is glaringly clear is that ED’s leadership failed to take off from the ground. Gods of Zimbabwe must surely be angry with ED because everything that he touches collapses.

The governance has collapsed in Zimbabwe. Basic services to citizens ceased. Civil Servants are either doing voluntary work or using government tags to illegal make money.

A medical doctor ‘salary can only buy one full chicken. Nothing is properly functioning, even road signs are pointing towards wrong directions. Even rain remained in the clouds and refused to come down. Ngwena yangayakaita mafungiro ayo, iye muridzi wechinhu ndokudira jecha. Ko payaikweva jira ichisiya munhu, haina kuziva here Ngwena kuti muridzi azadza jira rake jecha?

It is interesting to note that ED never misses any platform to publicly demand Chamisa ‘seal of approval to Priscilla Chigumba’s election charade. A chorus of ED’s backers demanding Chamisa ’signature to sanitise Ngwena’s presidency is getting louder by the day.

ED even reduced the name of God to bully Chamisa into recognizing him. He didn’t hesitate even for a second to use the name of the Lord as a weapon to whip the ‘rebellious’ Chamisa into ‘line.’ He desperately warned Chamisa to stop going against God’s order by refusing to embrace his victory.

Chamisa’s rejection of the croc’s offer of a non-existent parliamentary opposition leader position heightened the desperation. Ko chainetsa chinyi Ngwena zvoyotsva hayo namafuta avo. ED even solicited the services of a known cleric Andrew Wutawunashe to scare Chamisa with the name of God.

Wutawunashe was not even complex about it, but stoically bared the identity of his handler by openly singing from ED’s favourite hymn. He asked Chamisa to swallow his pride and recognize Ngwena as the legitimate State President of Zimbabwe.

How can a casualty be asked to swallow his pride? If Chamisa is just as a nonentity like the peopleless POLAD bunch, why not just continuing with the on-going sneer dialogue, tivone kana mungazvigona.

MDC Alliance leader is being roundly criticised for his jecha stance. Kwanzi wati sungira play bvisa jecha rako. This is now the chorus and rhythm in parliament, cabinet, some churches, Zanu PF structures and meetings. Known MDC villagers are being denied government sponsored seeds in retaliation to Chamisa’s refusal to bless ED’s presidency.

Parliamentary committee meetings chaired by MDC legislators are being disrupted by Zanu PF elements crying for ED’s recognition. MDC MPs were stripped of their five months parliamentary allowances for walking out of parliament each time ED steps in the August house.

Why going to such extra lengths to squeeze recognition from Machinjas? Is this how legitimacy is sought? Instead all these signs are consistent with a system that is at war with either its authenticity or conscience or both.

Kana muchizvidyira henyu Sadza ramunoti nderenyu uye rinonaka, sei kumanika mupfuuri zvake kuti ati Sadza renyu rinonaka uye makazvirimira hamuna kuripamba. Saka shasha idzi dzinodirei kuti Chamisa amwire mvura Sadza riri kudyiwa neNgwena.

In an undisputed effort to pressure Chamisa into submission, the 41 year old leader has been banned from participating in any public engagements. The regime is so scared to an extent that Nero’s public appearance in any part of Zimbabwe is enough to send chilling fevers down the spinal cord of the croc and his legatees.

The regime had to resort to bullets in Marondera to stop Chamisa from planting trees. His attempt to deliver his Hope of the Nation Address (HONA) was met with panic and indiscriminate baton sticking of everyone who happened to be in the streets of Harare on that fateful Wednesday.

Members of the notorious riot squad ferociously descended on women and youths who had gathered to listen to Chamisa. They viciously kicked and flogged hapless citizens like dogs and donkeys in full glare of the media. The brutal and titanic force engaged by the police was not proportional to the imaginary security concerns which were advanced by the regime.

If Chamisa is a powerless loser, why is the winner so scared of his interaction with the citizens? A man who snatched another man’s wife has no peace, because the appearance or presence of the legitimate husband will always spell disaster to the wife snatcher.

Kunenge kwava kunzi wauya kuzotora mukadzi wake, chero iye achitsvaga zvake mombe dzake. Chete chisi chako masimba mashoma. Chekubvuta ndechekudya wakaringa nzira.

Pretense has a limit. Reality rarely allows pretense to take centre stage for long. Veracity has a way of exhibiting itself in the midst of facades. State media’s presentation of Chamisa as the source of all the demises bedeviling Zimbabwe seems to suggest that only Nero has the solution. Akadira jecha here? He who has genuine dominion can either tie or untie.

The regime has being hitting brick walls wherever they extend their begging bowls to. The constant message they are getting from potential donors and investors is a clear directive to work with Chamisa to unlock the much needed capital into Zimbabwe.

Both America and China publicly chastised the regime for misappropriating humanitarian funds availed by the super powers to cushion Zimbabweans from economic hardships. Everyone knows the exact identity of the individual who was entrusted with the heart and soul of Zimbabwe by Zimbabweans. One would have expected ED to use persuasion and not coercion to secure Chamisa’s hand in disentangling the economic jumble which Zimbabwe was plunged in.

If Zanu PF recognize Chamisa’s power, why not respecting that same power which they recognize? The on-going video games between Ed and a POLAD of nobodies who are bereft of any constituency are a waste of national residual resources and precious presidential time which could be better utilised in seeking solutions.

Sibanengi Dube is a Zimbabwean journalist based in South Africa