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Former model Priscilla Chigariro remanded out of custody

Former model and Zimbabwe Fashion Week founder Priscilla Chigariro appeared in court Friday afternoon and was remanded out custody to January 23.

Former model and Zimbabwe Fashion Week founder Priscilla Chigariro
Former model and Zimbabwe Fashion Week founder Priscilla Chigariro

Chigariro hogged the limelight last week, over allegations of using the cover of 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence to falsify assault charges.

She alleged that 16 bouncers brutally attacked her in a row over a house.

Impeccable close family sources say Chigariro has been trying to get back at her former boyfriend, a Russian national with whom the pair no-longer see eye to eye.

The pair have two children among them but have fallen apart with Chigariro said to be using all manner of dirty tactics to secure her former lover’s properties.

Earlier in the year Chigariro was stripped of the directorships in Hopcik Investments (Pvt) Ltd that owns Number 3 Tyward Close, Ballantyne Park, Harare, and in other companies following an accusations of self-dealing and incompetence.

Sources close to the developments also said Chigariro, who doesn’t answer her phone, recently engaged several bouncers, although it’s not yet clear whether it was to break into the property that doesn’t belong to her or to protect her against her many creditors. Now that her ex boyfriend isn’t footing her bills – there are many demanding payment for services rendered.

Another source suggested that the widely circulated picture of the model’s bloodshot eye and puffy face was the consequence of excessive substance consumption and a run in with a creditor.

The model’s sister, one Ndaka Chigariro is said to have been given power of attorney to represent her in all business transactions and legal processes.

Chigariro has filed many court claims in an effort to frustrate her ex boyfriend and his business associates but has been unable to establish any legal claims. She grounds her claims in matrimony.

“She was a live-in mistress and not his wife as she alleges,” said a family friend who requested anonymity, adding: “This is one woman who had nothing, was at the bottom of the food chain but has risen through the ranks because of her association with her boyfriend of many years.”

Her behavior would support this view. According to Michael Majongwe, a former manager at the Space, and Chigariro’s close friend, in mid-2018 the 38-year-old surprised her employees “when she engaged in sexual acts with one of the customers, Tom Mangwiza.”

When contacted for a comment Gessen professed ignorance and said “Priscilla who?” Zim Morning Post