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ED and Wutawunashe dicing with God

By Tambanavo Chamanyawi

The founding leader of the Family of God Church (FOG) Apostle Andrew Wutawunashe dangerously waded into Zimbabwe’s ugly political lane.

Family of God (FOG) founder and current leader Apostle Andrew Wutawunashe
Family of God (FOG) founder and current leader Apostle Andrew Wutawunashe

Instead of divinely trending with caution on such a tense and loaded political situation, like a man of the cloth, Wutawunashe tacitly endorsed Emmerson Mnangagwa as the legitimate president of Zimbabwe.

By what power or authority is Wutawunashe sanitising ED’s Presidency? Is this God’s word kana kuti ndezvemusoro wake? I’m tempted to believe that this guy must have been smoking his socks.

The FOG boss even had the temerity to ask MDC President Nelson Chamisa to swallow his pride and recognise ED as the President of Zimbabwe.

The man of God never condemned the abductions, killings of civilians by the ED government and not even a word of concern about the bad state of the Health sector came out of his mouth.

So which biblical verse did the Apostle employ to forsake the victims of the current regime? I suppose the Apostle can put his festive period to good use by enrolling for a bible studies course at United Theological College in Hatfield near Epworth. Everything that he uttered is out of tune with the bible.

He shocked even his suffering and bare footed followers when he claimed to be speaking on their behalf. Wutawunashe should have done us a favour by revealing the exact number of votes which ED polled because he appears to know what the majority of us seem not to know.

Even Priscilla Chigumba together with the majority of Zimbabweans do not have a single figure of votes polled by the Croc. No one in Zimbabwe and beyond knows exactly the number of Zimbabweans who okayed ED’s presidency, but the Apostle wants everyone to believe that the Ngwena popularly rode to Munhumutapa Building.

The divorced Apostle did not see it fit to stand with the poor, down trodden and persecuted as was done by his predecessors Jeremiah and Isaiah. Instead he embraced the bullets and tear gas while missing an excellent opportunity to represent God’s love for the vulnerable.

Genuine prophets speak the truths to the authorities even at the risk of retribution. True prophets do not seek favours or comfort from political leaders. One would have expected the Gutu ‘clairvoyant’ to emulate South Africa’s fearless cleric Archbishop Desmond Tutu, who used the pulpit to fight apartheid.

Tutu also looked former President Jacob Zuma in his face and told him to stop corruption in his government. Such a rare breed of ecclesiastics with enough moral stamina to warn ED against looting national coffers and brutalising citizens are still to emerge in Zimbabwe.

A genuine apostle lives by his preaching. An Apostle’s reverend leadership is anchored in a family unit that he leads. The same cannot be said about Wutawunashe whose family and church are imploding due to his alleged infidelity.

FOG leader divorced his wife of 10 years Dr. Rutendo Faith Wutawunashe and married his long time Botswana side-kick much to the disapproval of his church followers and children.

Some FOG church members refused to sanction the divorce and marriage while his children openly questioned his prophetic credentials. One of his sons, Apinos, literally labelled his father a false prophet by making a reference to Matthew 7 verses 15 to 20.

This Apostle can’t keep both his family and Church together and surely this explains why his warped approach of side-lining with the Croc, will not take Zimbabwe anywhere.

The Apostle’s handler, Mnangagwa, must have shocked Lucifer to the core by claiming to be working for God. ED accused Chamisa of working against God by refusing to recognise him as President of Zimbabwe. Which God is ED waffling about?

A man who takes pride in shortening the lives of his opponents can’t claim to be God sent. A man whose army shot dead women and youths in the streets of Harare can’t claim to be carrying out God’s mission.

A President who sentenced millions of Zimbabwe to inevitable deaths by sabotaging the national health sector can only be working in cohorts with Satan. Kutochekeresa nyika yese. It is actual a bad joke for Satan to mistake hell as Heaven.