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Winky D ‘copycat’ speaks

By Taonga Nyemba

After months of silence by Zimdancehall sensation Winky D, his follower – Spuky B – has released a track titled Tapinda Summer that could give Bigman’s fans something to listen to during the festive season.

Spuky B Chi-bilateral

One would swear Spuky B sounds exactly like the Ninja president on his recent track Tapinda Summer.

A snippet of the unheralded chanter has been making rounds and people have lately accepted the chanter even though many think he can do better by being inspired than copying.

On the recent single, Spuky B used the same producer as Winky D’s producer, Oskid.

The upcoming chanter said he has got much inspiration from Winky D.

“I am a fan of Winky D and he inspires me a lot, I would want to be associated with the Vigilance family and see how things are properly done.

“I do believe in vigilance music that joining it would be a dream come true,” he said.

The Tapinda Summer singer said he has not got response from Winky D yet but the streets have received him well.

“So far I have no comment on how winky is receiving my music because I don’t want my statements to be misinterpreted.

“But in the streets I think people have accepted me and my love fo the Gafa President’s music,” said Spuky B. H Metro

Spuky B