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Dhuterere parades wife

By Rose Siduna

Gospel artiste Mambo Dhuterere says he finds joy in parading his supportive wife.

Mambo Dhuterere and wife
Mambo Dhuterere and wife

Dhuterere revealed his wife of seven years has always been supportive of his music career and she doubles as one of his backing vocalists.

In an interview, Dhuterere spoke of how easy it is to manage music and family time at the same time.

“For me it’s easy to manage both music and family time since I go with my wife to the studio.

“We record together and she understands the adaptations we go through as artistes.

“In as much as it is easy for me, being an artiste is demanding and a lot of changes are made,” said Dhuterere.

Before engaging in the music journey, the talented gospel artiste was running a successful business of supplying cleaning chemicals and hair shampoos in Botswana.

He said he wishes to move his business and bring it home but he would need to employ people who would run the sales for him.

“Business has been going well but for now we put it on hold because of the music industry.

“It is hard to move around selling my products due to paparazzi everywhere I go, so instead of selling everything becomes more about music.

“This is what I mean when I talk about changes that occur in an artiste’s life.

“It’s hard to run business with paparazzi all over you,” he said.

Giving advice to women married to artistes, Dhuterere said:

“I know it’s not easy for women married to artistes to understand the changes that happen because of the industry.”

He added:

“Artistes are public figures which associate with the public a lot and women need to understand that and be supportive of their partners.

“Besides all that, celebrities should not isolate themselves from the public since that is where their fame and support come from.” H-Metro