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Chiyangwa drags Zifa president to court over WhatsApp message

By Adeline Mapfumo

Former Zimbabwe Football Association (Zifa) boss Philip Chiyangwa has dragged his successor Felton Kamambo to the Harare Magistrates court on accusations of being a nuisance.

ZIFA president Philip Chiyangwa
Former ZIFA president Philip Chiyangwa

Chiyangwa filed a complaint against Kamambo for sending a WhatsApp message that “he knows to be false for the purposes of causing annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety” in contravention of the Postal and Communications Act.

Prosecutors allege that on November 19 and at a place unknown Kamambo unlawfully and for the purpose of causing annoyance to Chiyangwa sent a WhatsApp message containing untrue statements.

The WhatsApp message which has got Kamambo in trouble with the law read “Hie President. You are urged to stop your funny and negative interferences with football meanwhile urgently start accounting for all the Zifa money you stole.”

Kamambo is alleged to have used his Econet number to commit the offence “knowing that the messages were false and designed to cause annoyance and inconvenience to Chiyangwa.”

The COSAFA president has also dragged Zifa board member responsible for finance Philemon Machana to court on the same charges. Machana is accused of sending a WhatsApp message to Chiyangwa which painted the latter in bad light.

“You probably expected me to be your henchman to cause Kamambo’s reign all sorts of problems. You wanted me to assist your implanted ‘boy’ to sabotage football so as to make Kamambo look bad. Now the way I was brought up is to be loyal…it was not about you, me or Omega (Sibanda),” allegedly reads the WhatsApp message sent to Chiyangwa.

“Lest I remind you that I am privy and have hard irrefutable evidence and information about how you railroaded the then Zacc senior official so he could prefer nonexistent charges on innocent Kamambo all just to stop him from contesting.” Zim Morning Post